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Dress to Impress: What to Wear on a First Date

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The way you dress tells the world who you are.  And when you’re trying to send the right message on a first date, your ensemble can make all the difference.  Not only will looking good make you feel confident and beautiful, but your date will appreciate your style and feel your confidence.  So, Cotton Candy has asked dating strategist Damona Hoffman to give us ten style secrets for your fun night out. With this lucid advice, we’re positive you will make a lasting impression.

Abandon the board room.
You never want to show up on a date looking like you’re going on an interview.  Even if you’re coming straight from work, swap out your blazer, blouse, or shoes so that you feel sexy.  Look like you’re ready to get down to business – not run a business.

Go easy on visible designer labels.
Skip the Marc Jacobs belt, Marc Jacobs shoes and matching Marc Jacobs wallet. Sure, it shows you’ve got champagne taste and the money to buy it, but you want someone to love you for you, not which labels you are wearing.

Cover up.
It’s sexier to imagine what’s underneath the clothes than to see it all. This means go easy on drawing attention to your cleavage or other parts that the guy should work up to. While big breasts are something to be proud of, they do not make up your personality. Lead with your other assets.

Make sure you match.
This doesn’t mean you should be dressed in one color from head to toe.  Just make sure the colors you are wearing complement each other and accentuate your natural features.

Use scents sparingly.
Who doesn’t love Chanel No. 5? But for a first date, you may want to skip the scent altogether. A simple, light fragrance or just simply showing up smelling clean is more attractive to most people than the fanciest cologne or perfume.

Make a spectacle.
If you wear glasses every day and cannot see without them, do not show up to a blind date sans glasses.  If you don’t have contacts, use the glasses – it’s part of your look.

Dress in layers.
Women often get cold faster than men, so while it’s romantic to give a chilled woman the coat off your back, do not rely on chivalry.  Be prepared.

Wear comfortable shoes.
If you can walk up and down the stairs comfortably in your date shoes, they pass the test. If you can’t make it out the front door, leave them at home.  No guy likes to have his idea for a romantic walk on the beach after dinner thwarted by a pair of Manolos.

Avoid hats.
He wants to see your face. You can wear a hat when you have an activity date but until then let him see your smile.

Pull back on the makeup.
Most men prefer a natural look, plus you won’t be able excuse yourself to the ladies’ room to reapply as often as lots of makeup requires.

Choose color. 
You’ll stand out in his memory if you wear red, yellow (assuming these colors work on your skin tone) or a hue that makes you stand out.

Damona Hoffman (aka “Dear Mrs D”) is a dating strategist and writer who has coached singles on how to find love in her JMag column and on UBN Radio.

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