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08.23.13 Beauty Secrets

We are all seemingly on a quest for miracle creams, gels, lotions and sprays to make ourselves the most beautiful. It can be overwhelming trying to sift through the thousands of products there are to choose from. But Cotton Candy beauty editor Claudia Mejerle has great news. Some of the most effective ingredients are already in your kitchen. You’ll be surprised by your glowing skin, shiny hair and smooth nails that will all be a result of simple items you will find on your grocery list.

Glowing Skin
As you’ve read in others articles on Cotton Candy Magazine, coconut oil does wonders.  Considered a cure-all by some coconut oil is a great anecdote for dry skin, irritated skin, breakouts and the list goes on.  Extra virgin coconut oil is the way to go, and you can get a big tub of it from the grocery store then use it for both beauty and cooking.  It can feel a bit greasy, but try to slather it all over your face and body at night to let your skin drink it in and wake up in morning to soft, glowing skin.

Shiny Hair
Our hair can become dull due to product buildup and from lack of moisture. If you’re looking for a shiny hair solution, try a couple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. Apple cider vinegar is great to purify and reveal smother and shinier strands. It’s also soothing to your scalp. Egg yolks are another food you probably already have on hand that is excellent for replenishing moisture in parched hair. No need to eat—just apply the yokes from mid-shaft to the ends of dry hair, and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

Bright Eyes
So many women complain about dark circles and bags under their eyes. Sometimes it’s just a result of genetics, but sometimes we have control over the problem. First of all, drink up. Staying well hydrated helps drain fluid that can collect under eyes.  Also, avoid a high-sodium diet. Another trick is the ol’ cucumber slices on the eyes. It may seem cliché, but the cold cucumber really does help by calming inflammation.

Strong Nails
Your nails are affected by what you put in your body just as much as what you put (or don’t put) on your nails.   A diet rich in protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B and C as well as drinking plenty of water contributes to strong nails.   Enjoy meats, eggs, dairy, beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, oranges and watermelon and eat your way to healthy nails.  And take a break from polishing your nails to let them breathe. Acetone in nail polish remover is also something to use sparingly since it weakens nails.

Smooth Lips
Sometimes lip balm doesn’t quite get our lips as smooth as we would like. That’s often because dry, dead skin needs to be sloughed off before moisture can soak in.  Make a concoction of brown sugar and olive oil to rub on your lips. It’s a great exfoliator that will both smooth and moisturize your lips. Really, this mixture can be used all over the body, but it’s great on your lips because it doesn’t taste half bad.

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