The Best Time to Buy

03.29.12 Shopping Bags Cotton Candy Magazine

There’s an art to shopping.

And if you are as serious about your purchases as the editors of Cotton Candy Magazine®, you know there are certain times throughout the year when you can find significant savings on some of your fave items.

From fashion to flatware, there’s always the perfect season to nab the best prices.  Cotton Candy shows you when is the best time of year to buy your must haves. Read on dolls.

January – March

The first few months of the year are ideal to buy a plethora of merchandise.  Retailers are looking to unload their unsold, unseasonable items from last year. From air conditioners and gas grills to gardening tools or gift cards, the first part of the year can be an easier time to find steals.

Some prime deals include slashed prices on flatware and china, great items to stock up on if you are purchasing last season’s patterns. The first quarter of the year is also an opportune time for finding bargains on furniture since retailers normally release new pieces twice a year, first in February and again in August.

April – June

Shopping in spring can be exhilarating; it’s a great time to enjoy the blooming greenery, while saving the green. Some of the top discounted items include vacuums, tools, laptops, cookware, and clothing such as suits and sneakers.

Also, spring is time to book your long awaited fall cruise.  Take an early peak at the possibilities, and you’ll oftentimes be able to purchase a premium trip at a rock bottom rate.

In addition, the warm, springtime weather prompts workout lovers to head outside.  So, deals on gym memberships began to surface since many of us opt for the outdoors.  We should also note May is a marvelous month to grab a comfy clearance mattress, which can be useful after your workouts.

July – September

As the temperature rises, prices cool down on some sizzling items. From appliances to Broadway tickets, take advantage of summertime bargains. Plus landscaping can become cheaper by summer’s end, as nurseries are eager to clear out their trees, shrubs and other inventory.

Also consider buying new cars, since new models come out in September.  You can get a dynamic deal on last year’s models.

October – December

As we all know, the last few months of the year retailers slash prices for the holiday shopping season.  But beyond that, the housing market can be very inviting at year’s end.  Sellers oftentimes are more motivated and open to negotiations, as they try to unload their homes before the New Year.

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