How to Find a Fulfilling Job


Are you satisfied on your job?  Well, if you’re one of the many who find themselves in elation on Fridays and in despondency every Monday, we’re guessing you might need a change.  But in order to stop yourself from accepting a new job and in six months being just as unfulfilled, it’s important to identify what makes a job fulfilling to you.   In a recent survey, 82 percent of respondents said they’d rather find a job they love but has lower pay.  And 63 percent define success in a career as doing what they love.  36 percent of job seekers say the work itself is what makes them enjoy a job.  So with millions of Americans continually looking for work, whether employed or unemployed, Cotton Candy thought we’d help move your job search along with a few steps that will help you land a job that you actually love.

No. 1 Determine What Makes a Job Fulfilling to You

Before you begin feverishly submitting resumes, you need to know the qualities in a job that actually make you feel satisfied.  Every job will have certain duties that you may not find the most stimulating.  But listing out certain aspects of a job that stimulate your creativity, bolster your skills and fuel your passion will lead you to a position where you enjoy most of your work. Be honest with yourself.  Do you like to work with numbers? Do you love children? Are you a passionate writer? Then look for jobs that feed those interests.  Everyone is different, so each individual will be satisfied with something unique to them.

 No. 2 Familiarize Yourself with Your Prospective Job

A major mistake that some job seekers make is blindly applying to any position that they feel will relieve them of their current situations.  When applying for a job, read the job description.  Make sure that the description includes some of the top criteria that you’ve determined will make a job fulfilling to you.  If you’re having a hard time finding a job that matches the qualities you’ve delineated for a new career, then consider starting your own business or perhaps going back to school to meet the requirements to get your dream job.

No. 3 Consider New, Challenging Opportunities

Some positions may be a great fit for you, but require you to stretch your ideas of what makes a job feel satisfying. Consider applying for jobs that may require you to get more training, education or to start at a different level than you may be at your current job.  Part of finding great work is having something that challenges you.  Overcoming those challenges will help you grow in your skill set and in your confidence as you move ahead in your career.

No. 4 Be Open to Relocating

Some opportunities are simply not in your current city.  Certain metropolises yield to particular careers.  So if you are an aspiring actress, you may want to head for cities that provide more opportunities in the arts, rather than continually searching in cities with limited prospects.  About three in every four job seekers say they are willing to move to a different city for the right opportunity.  So, you’re in good company if you’re willing to take that chance and make the move.

No. 5 Be Patient with Yourself

Success takes time.  When you are going after your dream job, you will have to invest time, effort and probably money to get there.  Whether the hunt for a fulfilling job takes you months or even years, if you’re going back to school or getting additional training, don’t get discouraged.  Be malleable with your timetable and remember the time it took to get your current career.  So, you will need time to change direction in pursuit of a new job.

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