50 Key Steps to Finding a Job


Finding a job can always be challenging, especially in a struggling economy.  According to a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 14.8 million people are unemployed.  And nearly 42 percent of those looking for work have been unemployed for nearly seven months or more.  Cotton Candy  wants to encourage those who are making this challenging transition in their lives.  You can make  a difference in your search by making changes in several areas of your life, not just on your resume.  Here are 50 key steps in finding a job that will affect your mind, heart and eventually your career.

1.)    Research Your Desired Field

2.)    Be Open Minded

3.)    Follow Your Heart

4.)    Identify Your Natural  Talents

5.)    Get Professional Business Cards that Identify Your Industry Skills

6.)    Earn More Education

7.)    Remove Negative People from Your Circle

8.)    Be Persistent

9.)    Seek Inspirational Stories

10.)  Dress the Part

11.)  Organize Your Job Search

12.)  Volunteer

13.)  Take a Break from Your Job Search and Regroup

14.)  Be Realistic in Your Expectations

15.)  Imitate Those Who are Successful

16.)  Don’t Underestimate Yourself

17.)  Sell Transferable Skills

18.)  Start Your Own Business

19.)  Have Patience

20.)  Remember Your Past Successes

21.)  Take One Day at a Time

22.)  Revamp Your Resume

23.)  Utilize Social Networking Sites

24.)  Send E-mails to Your Connections

25.)  Study Growing Industries

26.)  Seek Job Counseling

27.)  Get More Training

28.)  Surpass Job Requirements

29.)  Focus on Your Future

30.)  Get a Vision

31.)  Stay Productive and Busy

32.)  Tell Positive People about Your Search

33.)  Rest and Avoid Burnout

34.)  Peruse the Bookstore for More Information

35.)  Limit Your Time on the Computer

36.)  Be Disciplined

37.)  Get a Makeover

38.)  Get in Shape

39.)  Control Your Thoughts

40.)  Control Your Emotions

41.)  Be Thankful For What You Do Have

42.)  Speak Positively to Yourself

43.)  Learn Another Language

44.)  Freelance

45.)  Pray

46.)  Think Outside the Box

47.)  Avoid Debt

48.)  Listen to Others

49.)  Tell the Truth. Don’t Exaggerate.

50.)  Remain Calm

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