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How to Succeed at Being Yourself

04.23.13 Grey hearts: Cotton Candy Magazine, How to Succeed at Being Yourself

It can be hard to be yourself.  When at work, you may feel that you have to fit into a particular culture, or even at home you may feel you are the odd man out in the neighborhood.  Perhaps over time you’ve even become confused about who you are and what you are passionate about.  The editors of Cotton Candy Magazine® want you to celebrate – well YOU and all of your talents, interests and values.  We’re here to show you how to be yourself 100 percent of the time.  Because when you mold to the expectations of others and deny your interests and abilities, you can become dissatisfied.   People who haven’t learned to accept themselves tend to have more difficulty getting along with others. So, Cotton Candy has a few simple steps to help you succeed at being yourself.  You’ll be a happier, more productive person.

No. 1 Speak positively to yourself.

Self talk is the most important speech.  When you talk down to yourself, you weigh down your emotions and destroy your self-image.   Instead, commend yourself for the successes, progress and achievements in your life.  The way we talk and think about ourselves reveal how we feel about ourselves, so let everyone know how great you are.

No. 2 Never compare yourself with other people.

Comparison is a trap.  No two people are alike, right down to our distinctive fingerprints.  So comparing yourself to people, who you may or may not know, is fruitless.  They have unique abilities, but so do you.  You will never succeed at being yourself if you’re trying to be like someone else. Other people can be a good example to you.  But copying – even their good traits – will manifest differently through your individual personality.

No. 3 Embrace your flaws.

No one is perfect.  As humans, we’re continually learning from our mistakes and evolving.  Keep your flaws in perspective. Feel free to be imperfect.  Confident women have just as many weaknesses as those without confidence, but they concentrate on their strengths—not their flaws or weaknesses.

No. 4 Dare to be different.

When you’re different, you will often be misunderstood and criticized. Have the courage to be different and deal with criticism. Going along with society and the expectations of others—when you know in your heart that you have a different vision —is one reason people don’t succeed at being themselves.  When you are different, you are more willing to embrace the differences in other people. Be the person you were meant to be and you will make significant contributions.

No. 5 Don’t let the way another person treats you determine your worth.

We get a litany of messages telling us how to think about ourselves and what we should do.  From reality shows to magazines and even our families, others will often tell you what they feel is valuable.  Someone may treat you as if you are not valuable.  But don’t let the disapproval – or approval – of others determine your worth.  You are most valuable when you are being yourself.

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