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11 Things Men Find Attractive

12.29.12 11 Things Men Find Attractive

Understanding what a man finds attractive in a woman can be confusing.  Does he want a best friend? A sex kitten?  A Stepford wife? The range of answers can vary from man to man, but the generalities tend to be the same. There are underlying traits that men find attractive in women no matter which role she eventually plays in his life.  Kimberly James, founder the matchmaking site, unveils eleven traits that most men find simply irresistible.

No. 1. Confidence
Having a strong sense of self can be a powerful aphrodisiac for a man. When a woman exudes confidence though her demeanor, her actions send a signal that she is clear about her goals and isn’t afraid to go after them. This confidence can often translate into the bedroom, another bonus.

No 2. Intelligence
Intelligence is a must. When a woman has street smarts or book smarts, it shows that she is a thinker or a reader. Smartness is sexy, and men can’t live without it.

No. 3 Independence
Some men view independent women as a symbol of the modern age. She can fend for herself, solve problems and get things done. Independent women stand up for themselves and others.  When a woman does not seem needy, that attribute is a source of magnetism that draw men.

No. 4 Financial Stability
A woman that can pay her own bills can be a turn on. When money is not an issue, there is more time for much needed and wanted love and romance.

No. 5. Personality
When a woman has a winning personality, there tends to be less friction and complications in relationships.  Men prefer drama-free situations.

No. 6. Attitude
A positive attitude goes a long way. Gossip and cattiness can be a red flag for a man. When a woman has a good attitude about life, it is an extremely attractive quality.

No. 7 Humor
The ability to laugh at a joke shows that someone is lighthearted. The ability to laugh at yourself is even better. Having a good sense of humor is an indicator of an open heart and a sexy laugh to go with it will drive him wild.

No. 8. Sensuality
Women who are in touch with their sensuality can often attract a man like a moth to a flame. Being flirty and having bedroom confidence are two elixirs men cannot resist.

No. 9. Appearance
There’s a well known mantra: men fall in love with their eyes.  Men are visual creatures.  Whether it’s in sweat pants or an evening gown, appearance dictates sexiness.  Looking good translates to feeling good. And when women feel good about themselves, there is  a natural confidence that exudes.

No. 10  Sensitivity
A woman with a caring heart is in tune with her man’s needs.  Compassion is a great reflection of love.  Men are drawn to a women with a soft side and who can understand their emotions and respond to them.

No. 11 Patience
Patience is a manifestation of love for another person.  Women who are patient and kind, demonstrate signs of integrity and maturity.

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