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Foods That Fight Anxiety

05.12.14 Foods That Fight Anxiety

You’ve heard the old adage: you are what you eat. Somewhat of a cliché, we know. But in this case, the phrase couldn’t be more true.  If you want a life with less anxiety, you can eat your way to less stress. Cotton Candy health editors created a simple, appetizing list that can help you incorporate stress-relieving foods into your daily diet. In its basic form, you can stay calm, feel relaxed, and be stress free with the right menu.  Here are foods that can tame your hunger — and your anxiety.

This fruit is an excellent source of B vitamins, which are healthy for your brain cells. These vitamins concentrated in avocados maintain the proper synthesis of the neurotransmitters that play a large role in mood regulation. Experts say oftentimes anxiety can be rooted in a B-vitamin deficiency, and avocados are loaded with stress reliever B vitamins and folic acid. Plus, monounsaturated fat and potassium are in avocados, and these elements help lower blood pressure.

If you want to relieve heightened emotions, keep salmon on your plate. Salmon is one of the very best sources of omega-3s, and a diet with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids helps keep cortisol and adrenaline from grilled_avocadospiking when you are tense. Just four ounces of salmon at least three times a week is not only heart healthy, but can keep hormones from surging.

Folic acid is known to relieve stress, mitigate anxiety, suppress panic, and even lessen depression. And broccoli is full of folic acid, part of the B-vitamin family. The dark green vegetable is also a powerhouse because the tasty veggie is a great source of magnesium, a mineral that lowers stress by helping you stay calm.

Who knew that such a small food could be so impactful? Almonds are crunchy little eats packed with vitamin B2 , vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc. As we’ve mentioned, B vitamins are stress relievers, and magnesium helps regulate your mood. Zinc fights the negative effects of stress, and vitamin E is an antioxidant that eradicates free radicals that can cause stress and heart disease.

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