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The Fascination with España


Spain’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last few months. And arguably all thanks goes to the World Cup. Unless you have been living in a hole this past summer, you know that Spain has been crowned the new champion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

But beyond Spain’s soccer champs, there are many irresistible reasons why I am fascinated with the country’s beautiful, sexy, intriguing allure. I’m Spanish American, so I am a little biased.  But there’s no doubt that when many people think of Spain, they imagine men and women who are hot, hot, HOT! Think about it.  From the absolutely stunning actress Penelope Cruz to Spain’s yummy, irresistible movie star Antonio Banderas,  many of the “beautiful people” can tie their roots to España.

When I’m there, I see so many sexy women walking in their high heels in the radiating Spanish sun, on the ancient broken down streets of Barcelona. And to be honest, I’ve never seen this much class and beauty, something that comes so naturally to Spain. Spain is home to my mother and a Spanish haven to me.

Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain

I can still hear the rhythm of flamenco music echoing through the streets of Spain, which gives the culture a little something extra. When dancing, everyone feels the passion that Spaniards have for their culture. It transcends into their flamboyant twists and turns on the dance floor.

Let’s not forget the savory and aromatic food. My personal fave is the Paella. This Valencian rice dish is made of a combination of delicious types of meats, including chicken, sausage and fish.  Indulging in wine, or vino as we say in Spanish, is a must-do. People eloquently sip wine during midday while tasting exquisite tapas.

My intent is that by now I’ve planted a seed that will inspire you to indulge in culture from España . I’m convinced that anyone who gives it a try will enjoy a little something Spanish.

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