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50 Ways to Get Your Happy Back


Do you long for joy?  Ready to get the stress, frustration, worry and anxiety out of your life?  You’re not alone.  Cotton Candy recognizes that many women are going through transitions in their relationships, their finances, their surroundings and other areas of life.  Know that if change or transition is challenging your emotions, you can live a fulfilling, balanced, victorious and happy life.  Cotton Candy gives you these simple, effective steps to get your happy back.

1.)    Read an inspiring book.

2.)    Exercise.

3.)    Lose weight.

4.)    Buy something you don’t need.

5.)    Get a manicure.

6.)    Get a pedicure, too.

7.)    Spend the afternoon in the park.

8.)    Have a girl’s night out.

9.)    Get your makeup done.

10.) Make a list of everything good in your life.  Hang it on the mirror.

11.) Go to the movies.

12.) Take a dance class.

13.) Make peace with your thighs.

14.) Get your hair done.

15.) Take a vacation.

16.) Eat right.

17.) Watch your fave reruns on TV Land.

18.) Tell your crush how you feel.

19.) Wear bright colors.

20.) Eat chocolate.

21.) Spend the day with your best friend.

22.) Go to the beach.

23.) Give your man a massage.

24.) Put five new songs in your iPod.

25.) Go to a comedy show.

26.) Go on a walking tour of a historic neighborhood (NYC’s Brooklyn Heights, Boston’s Beacon Hill, Atlanta’s Virginia Highland, etc.)

27.) Turn your BlackBerry off for the day.

28.) Forgive.

29.) Wear bright lip colors.

30.) Put fresh flowers in your home.

31.) Start a new hobby.

32.) Visit your parents.

33.) Buy your mom a gift for no reason.

34.) Meditate on your best qualities.

35.) Start a business.

36.) Change jobs.

37.) Read at least one magazine a month.  (We suggest Cotton Candy Magazine.)

38.) Establish boundaries in your relationships.

39.) Have breakfast in bed.

40.) Dive into your to-do list.

41.) Give compliments to yourself.

42.) Give compliments to others.

43.) Get enough sleep.

44.) Every once in awhile, cheat on your diet.

45.) Speak positively.

46.) Clean your living space.

47.) Go for slow walks.

48.) Become addicted to one reality show. (DWTS!)

49.) Buy the fiercest stilettos you can find.

50.) Simplify your life.

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