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The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart

02.02.13 RHOA: Porsha Stewart

It’s always hard being the new kid on the block.  But newcomer Porsha Stewart quickly stood out as the one to watch on the popular Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She affirms she has the perfect life. The perfect husband. The perfect house. The perfect wardrobe that any girl would die for. And now that she’s caught the attention of millions on the hit reality TV show, we’re guessing that Porsha will continue to show just how glamorous the Atlanta life can be.  To brush past all of the drama and to get the real deal on Ms. Stewart, our editors decided to play a fun game of True or False. Read the lucid Cotton Candy interview that reveals what’s true and what’s false about her secret addition, why marriage is different than she originally thought, and who she thinks is the prettiest woman alive.

True or False: I’ve always known I would be on television.
True, and the reason why is because I had the aspiration to be a singer at one point in my life. So I did pursue it years ago when I was doing demos for different artists. With aspirations, I figured it would take me far, and I would possibly be on television one day.  I’m also an actress, so I’ve done plays.  Of course that could lead to some television as well. I was in a play called “I Do, Maybe?” and then a couple of other plays also.

True or False: I will always call Atlanta my home.
True. I am an Atlantan to the core. (Giggles) Even if I have a home somewhere else, it will always be second to Atlanta.

True or False: I will always have a major role in charity organizations.
That’s absolutely true. I would be remiss to have this type of legacy in my family and have the heritage that I have and not want to continue it. For me I feel like I’m blessed in my life, and I love to spread that around. If you’re blessed, you should give. Bless someone else.

True or False: The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the best thing that ever happened to me.
False. (Laughs) The best thing that ever happened to me is my family, my husband [former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart], and my stepson. (Giggles) They’re the best things that ever happened to me.

True or False: My husband knows that I’m in charge.
True! (Laughs) True. He knows that I’m in charge. But you know that women – we use our feminine ways to let a man know [who’s in charge] in a really subtle way so that of course he thinks he’s in charge.  But I’m the neck, and he’s the head, so I turn him the direction that I would like to go. (Giggles)

True or False: Marriage is different than I thought it would be.
True. Marriage is a lot more detailed than I thought it would be. A lot of people say that you’ll be happy or unhappy, but they don’t talk about the times that you [as a couple] go through something and come out much closer to the other person.  So there’s just so much more in the dynamics of marriage. It’s just something I want to be in for the rest of my life.

True or False: I’m the prettiest woman I know.
False! (Laughs) The prettiest woman I know is my mother. And the second prettiest will be my daughter when I have her.

True or False: I’m portrayed accurately on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
I can say from what they’ve shown of me is pretty accurate. Of course I’m multidimensional. There are many facets of my personality that aren’t going to be shown on the show because the show has certain time limits. [The Real Housewives of Atlanta] shows you every Sunday only about 15 or 20 minutes. But that is still a part of me, so that’s accurate.

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True or False: I enjoy being a stepmom.
Oh, that’s true. I absolutely enjoy being a stepmom. And it’s a great responsibility, and it’s awesome to be a part of someone’s life, growth, and development.  By the way that my stepson and I act you wouldn’t even know that he wasn’t mine.

True or False: I see myself living in a much bigger home.
I say true because I love my home, but of course who doesn’t always want to shoot for the stars and dream big. Of course I dream big too.

True or False: I have always been a great dresser.
Oh! (Laughs) That is false! When I graduated high school that’s when I became really stylish. … When I was in junior high school I dressed like a tomboy. I was in the TLC era, so I wore the baggy pants and the big, striped, colorful tops, overalls and everything else. So, yeah. (Giggles) But I’m very much into [fashion] now.

True or False: I have regrets.
That’s false. I don’t live my life being regretful of anything that I do. Everything is a lesson, and everything is an experience to build my character and who I am today.

True or False: I have a favorite cast member on The Real Housewives.
True. And the favorite cast member is me, myself, and I. (Laughs)

True or False: In reality, Kenya Moore and I get along very well.
False. I don’t talk to Kenya.

Do you think that will change?
You never know. The only reason I’ll hold a grudge is if you continuously do what’s making me upset.  So it’s a possibility that things will change with her.

True or False: I like my body the way it is, and I have a healthy body image.
That’s true.  I’m blessed with good genes from my mom and my dad. Actually, he’s very athletic looking. So yeah, I love my body the way it is. Of course it’s going to change when I start to have babies, and I’ll love the way my body changes then too. I just love me. And I do have a healthy lifestyle. I think that is very important.

True or False: I have already established my legacy in life.
False. I’m still working on my legacy. A legacy is so powerful and so grand that it reaches beyond your generation after you. And my life’s work has just begun, so there’s a lot to look forward to. And the legacy that I want to leave is going to have a huge impact on generations after me, so I’m just in the beginning stages.

True or False: For me, good friends are hard to find.
For me I don’t look for friends. I build relationships with people. I don’t throw the word “friendship” around. I have friends from high school and friends from elementary school. So I build relationships with people. The word “friend” is a tricky word.

Are you open to meeting new friends?
Of course! If they are genuine. I’m a genuine person, so I can tell. If a person isn’t real, then we normally don’t connect at all.

True or False: I have a secret addiction.
True. I do have a secret addiction, and it’s DVR. I don’t get the time to sit and watch all the shows that I love when they air. So I am a DVR freak. If something is not recorded for one reason or another, I’m completely upset. (Giggles) I’m a TV freak on Saturday and Sundays where I go back and watch what I recorded.

True or False. I often watch myself on TV.
That’s true. I can’t help it. [The Real Housewives of Atlanta] comes on every Sunday, and I have to watch.  Whether I don’t want to watch it because I know I’ll be cringing or not, I have to watch it because I do a blog on

True or False: People often feel they know me.
That’s true. … A lot of people tell me to know me is to love me because I’m genuine. I’m an authentic person, and I sense someone’s spirit. So, oftentimes when I meet people I connect with them automatically.

True or False: I’ve discovered the true meaning of life.
That’s true. I have discovered the true meaning of life, and that’s having the great foundation with God first, and He will give you all the knowledge and power – He’ll be your everything. He’ll give you what you need to face life and be a protector in your life. So that’s the secret to having a purpose in your life.

Anything going on in your life that we all would want to know?
Actually, I would like everyone to go to That’s a charity that’s I’m involved with … and the focus is to stop violence against women and girls. I’m also involved with another charity called Saving Our Daughters.

I’m also currently working on a home décor line. That should be here in another three or four months.

Interviewed by: Natasha D. Smith
Written by: Nicole D. Smith

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