Buying with a Cause


The next time you want your boyfriend or hubby to buy you a purse, tell him it’s for a good cause. It’s the perfect excuse for women who attend Open Your Purse, a yearly event hosted by the YWCA of Greater Atlanta showcasing hundreds – and we do mean hundreds – of designer bags, some which have been signed by celebrities.  (Talk about a one of a kind.)

And the best part is that it’s all for charity. Open Your Purse raises awareness and funds for the YWCA’s Women in Tranistion (WIT) program, a juggernaut that aims to empower Atlanta’s homeless women. Through WIT, these women and their families are given temporary housing, along with training to help boost self-sufficiency.  Belk, a leading department store in the U.S., is expressing its excitement to help with such a passionate cause.


Designer Bag Showcase: Open Your Purse 2009

“Belk is proud of its partnership with the YWCA and pleased to be part of this unique and outstanding fundraising event,” says Dave Penrod, chairman of the Belk Southern Division based in Atlanta.  “The funds raised by the Open Your Purse event will assist women and their families [in breaking] the cycle of homelessness.”

With last year’s event raising $120,000 for WIT and garnering much compassion, 2010’s Open Your Purse is stirring up women in Atlanta to open up their purses to uplift other women.

So it’s now up to you. The date: September 15, 2010. The place: Intercontinental Buckhead. The time: 6 p.m. sharp. The affect on our world: priceless.

Written by: Nicole D. Smith

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