5 Ways to Save Money Online

06.19.12 Saving Money Online Cotton Candy Magazine

No matter how responsible you are with managing your money, you can always find creative ways to save.  One of the best ways to find extra cash is through the Internet – especially since most of us spend so much time on the computer. On average, Americans spend nearly 39 hours a month on the Internet.  Canadians spend an average of just over 45 hours.  So why not leverage your time to benefit your pocket book?  The money editors of Cotton Candy Magazine® give you five not-so-obvious ways to save money online.

Use social media.
Take a look at these figures in a 2012 study done by internet marketing company comScore and the Wall Street Journal.  Each statistic shows how many minutes, on average, each of us spends on our favorite social media sites per visit. And these stats don’t include the time we spend on our mobile devices.

– Facebook (405)

– Tumblr (89)

– Pinterest (89)

– Twitter (21)

– LinkedIn (17)

– MySpace (8)

– Google+ (3)

Take note that just about every major retailer has at least one social media account on these platforms.  Follow those accounts and keep an eye on any offers they may advertise through social media.  Oftentimes these are offers which you won’t find in TV commercials or print ads.

Use Skype.
Skype is not only a cheap, effective way to keep in touch with friends and family, but is a great strategy to save money when it comes to looking for a job.  It is becoming common for companies to conduct job interviews via Skype. Skype interviews are fast, easy and inexpensive.  Many companies are doing everything possible to cut costs, save time, maintain efficiency and produce growth, which is why more business owners are starting to rely on video technology, such as Skype, to conduct job interviews.  If you don’t have a Skype account, sign up for one.  Even if you pay a fee to use your Skype account to call landline phones, it’s still cheaper than most phone company rates.

Sign up for automatic payments.
Automated payments are a great way to organize your finances and prevent you from missing payments, which will hurt your FICO score.  You’ll avoid costly late fees, and if you pay the balances in full, evade those pesky finance charges.  Just make sure to pay close attention to the balances in your accounts, and avoid overdraft fees from the bank.  With a little planning, you’re bound to save money.

Sign up for email coupons.
Many major retail chains send coupons to customers via email rather than direct mail.  Emails are far cheaper for the company, and consumers are contacted directly with a simple message in their inboxes.  Choose your favorite retailers and sign up for their email offers.

Join online deal companies.
Online deal companies, such as Living Social or Groupon, usually require retailers to offer deep discounts of 50 percent or more.  Many small businesses are looking to get the word out about their products. So you can benefit as businesses try to reach potential new customers with this type of online marketing.

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