10 Ways to Stay Happy at Work

12.20.12 10 Ways to Stay Happy at Work

The truth is that as working adults, we spend most our time at our jobs. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person between ages 25 to 54 with children spends 8.8 hours working on any typical day. Compare that with only 7.6 hours of sleeping, 2.5 hours for sports or leisurely activities, 1.2 hours caring for others, and just 1.1 hours to eat or drink. With that said, it’s safe to conclude that Americans spend a lot of their adult lives working. The editors of Cotton Candy figure if you have to spend the majority of your day in the office, you might as well enjoy every moment, right? So we’ve provided a list to help you feel content at the office. Here are ten ways to stay happy at work.

Decorate Your Work Space
Don’t be afraid to let your space exude your personal style. As much as the company policy will allow, design an area that will allow you to feel comfortable and foster relaxation.  Simple statement pieces, such as flowers, family pictures and even appropriate artwork, can really set the right mood for you.

Personal Issues Should Stay Personal
We are all multifaceted individuals, and that means we’ve got more than just work going on in our lives. But when it’s time to go to work, it’s best to leave any problems, worries or important news at home where it belongs. People understand that life isn’t trouble-free, but to continue to be productive at work, it’s best not to mix professional and personal matters whenever you can.

Develop an Office Support System
Sometimes the day can turn stressful or consuming. And since you’re not a statue that doesn’t feel, see or hear, it’s only healthy and normal to need a circle of colleagues that can listen to your feelings, helping you relieve some of the pressures that you may encounter from time to time. Obviously, you should always be wise about what you say or how you say it, but expressing yourself to people who understand can go a long way when you need it.

Eat Healthy and Drink Lots of Water
When you eat right and stay hydrated, you are helping your body maintain good energy levels to complete work to the best of your ability. Instead of running to the vending machine, bring foods that will help you maintain a nutritious, balanced diet such as fruits and vegetables for snacks and plenty of bottled water.

Stay Organized
When you keep good records, arrive on time, and create a schedule that you can actually manage then you control your workload, versus your workload controlling you. When managers and colleagues see that your are orderly, they will know you are a professional who is proactive and helpful. Others will be more likely to express confidence in your work and maybe motivated to do the same organized routine.

Don’t Stay Static; Move Around
It’s very common these days to have a job that doesn’t require you to move your body. Sedentary desk jobs leave you with little or no movement throughout the entire eight-hour day. That means it’s got to be up to you stay active and incorporate exercise into your daily routine, giving you more energy for the next work day. Go to the gym after work. Take brisk walks during lunch. Join a dance class that will require a commitment of you. Do whatever it takes to keep your body moving.

Don’t Try to Change Your Coworkers
You may not have chosen who your coworkers or supervisors are, but you will have to get along with them to stay productive and happy. You cannot change anyone — habits, moods, or personality traits. But you can control your reaction to people, quickly resolve conflicts, and stay away from fruitless situations and conversations.

Reward Yourself
If you do a great job at work, you don’t have to wait for the boss to recognize the work you’ve done. Treat yourself outside of work. Have dinner with friends and family, and celebrate your successes on the job, whether or not your colleagues do.

Take a Break
The breakroom is there for a reason. As a professional who is concentrating hard and consistently solving problems, know that it is OK to step away from the desk if you need a breather. Use the time to step outside for 15 minutes, listen to your favorite song or fix yourself some soothing herbal tea. You’re not a machine. You need to rest from all of the hard work you do.

Stay Positive
Try to keep in mind the things that you like about your job, and some of the opportunities it affords you. Even if you have decided to look for another position or go to another company, keep in mind how what you are currently doing has prepared you for the next step. Worrying about the negatives of a job can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. So remain thankful for what you have as you decide and plan for the next step in your career.

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