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Why Everyone Needs Love


Throughout the ages, love is a topic that has been the subject of books, the theme of songs and the focus of academic studies. But despite love’s intangibility, one fact remains: no one can live without it.  Major 
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essential to our emotional, mental and physical well-being.  Several researchers conclude that positive,
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happy, productive, and even longer lives.  Kimberly James, founder of the matchmaking site, continues the age old discussion and gives us seven reasons why everyone needs love.

No. 1 Makes You Feel Good
This seems to be the most obvious reason.  In a loving relationship filled with kissing and affection, the brain releases the so-called love hormone, oxytocin. Researchers say when oxytocin levels are high, the feelings of happiness, loving and sexual connectivity are felt.  They say oxytocin increases the ability to bond and become intimate with another person. Holding hands, kissing and hugging stimulate this natural endorphin creating a love high.

No. 2 Promotes Longer Life
Recent studies from the University of Chicago show that love adds vitality, youth and years to life.  According to the study, happily married couples tend to live upwards of ten years longer than their single counterparts.  Active couples engage in social activities.  And a healthy social life can help to ward off a unproductive sedentary lifestyle.

No. 3 Love Is Heart Smart
One study by researchers at Brigham Young University concluded that people who have loving relationships in their lives have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of cardiac problems.  A supportive and dependable partner to share joys and sorrows with can help you cope with stress.  Rather than carrying  emotional burdens, sharing your emotions with a loved one helps to keep levels of the so-called stress hormone, cortisol, lower.

No. 4 Makes You Smarter
When the adrenal glands are excited, the body releases dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA. Researchers say when your body releases DHEA, the hormone repairs nerve damage and stimulates new nerve endings to the brain. This activity may increase memory and initiates brain activity.

No. 5 Great for the Skin
There is some belief that DHEA may be an anti-aging hormone. By preventing free‐radicals into the body, DHEA may help to balance the skin by producing clearer, fresher, younger looking skin and reducing wrinkles.  Cosmetically speaking, love could make you look good.

No. 6 Boosts Confidence
Many of us are prompted take care of ourselves through diet and exercise in an attempt to impress our partners.  And as you begin to look your best, you will feel your best.  Confidence will build your self-esteem.

No. 7 Strengthens Relationships
Love promotes empathy and compassion.  Family, friends, coworkers and even pets benefit from loving partnerships. Patience, kindness and sympathy pour into other aspects of life, which allows others to feel the love too.

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