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What Men Want


It’s an age-old question: what does a man want in a woman?  Obviously, the answer varies from person to person.  However, Cotton Candy Magazine® has identified some main characteristics that men are looking for in women – whether a girlfriend or a marriage partner.  The following list of desired qualities will take you inside the mind of a man, giving you insight into the true desires of men.  Prepare to be enlightened.

No. 1 You’re Independent.

You’re smart, intuitive, look after yourself, and you know what you want.  That turns him on. Men want a woman who compliments him but who also has her own identity.  A woman who wants to be a partner in the relationship but still has her own goals, desires, opinions and ideas is attractive.

No. 2 You Make Him Feel Great.

Men seek women who are attractive but who also make them feel good on the inside. He wants to enjoy the time you spend together. He wants to feel that spark when two people fall for each other –the so-called love endorphins, the body’s neurotransmitters that make him feel fantastic when he’s in your company.

No. 3 You Connect Physically.

Men desire physicality in a relationship.  Physical touch – with or without sex – makes you feel closer, reduces feelings of stress and isolation.  Sexuality is what makes a romantic relationship different from any other relationships in your life.  Sex will boost intimacy and, in a healthy relationship, your self-esteem, which is also alluring to a man.

No. 4 You’re Beautiful.

One integral reason a man wants you and no one else is because you are beautiful to him.  Different men find different attributes attractive.  So, regardless of shape, size or ethnicity every woman is beautiful in a particular man’s eyes.  A woman should appeal to a man’s senses.  Don’t be afraid to wear clothes that accentuate your silhouette and spark his imagination.

No. 5 You Respect Him.

A good man wants and deserves respect.  Respect him in every aspect of your life together.  Allow him certain financial freedom.  Be committed to your relationship and respect him as the number one man in your life.  Respect his hobbies and encourage him to participate in the activities that he enjoys.  Never humiliate your man in public or private.  Simply handle him with the care that you would want in a relationship.

No. 6 You Know How to Have Fun.

Fun makes a huge difference in a relationship to a man.  If he finds someone to be informal and comfortable with, he will eventually open up to you more often, ultimately leading to a healthier relationship. You’ll have fewer arguments; he will enjoy you more and will begin to connect you and fun together in his mind.

No. 7 You’re Supportive.

Men seek women who are uplifting and supportive of their dreams and goals.  Try to understand his ideals and avoid being belittling.  He will have more confidence and cherish you as part of his plan in success.

No. 8 You Get Along with His Friends and Family.

A man’s family and friends are an extension of himself.  Men seek women who can mesh well with his inner circle.  If you’re in a new relationship, start with his friends – don’t be afraid of being judged, and make the effort to get to know them. If that goes well, he will want you to meet his family. When you get along with the important people in his life, he’ll want to include you into his circle.

No. 9 You Love Him.

There is a quote the late American screenwriter Ernest Lehman that holds true today.  “There’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who’s in love with him.” Love your man.  Men want to be adored, admired, nourished, and wanted.

Cotton Candy Magazine®