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The Dating Handbook

07.08.12 The Dating Handbook

Don’t you wish that dating came with a handbook? A set of rules that if you followed them, then everything would turn out picture perfect like in the movies? Maybe we can’t promise the fairy-tale ending of Pretty Woman, but we sure can give you a few must-do dating rules that will put you on the path of finding Mr. Right.

Know what you want. As a beautiful, strong, independent woman you know what you want. You’re learning what you want in a career, more about your personal style, and the same should go for the man in your life.  Take the time to think about the characteristics that are important for you – goal oriented, positive, attentive, considerate, likes to travel or perhaps loves to stay at home?  Get your wheels turning, sit down and type out a list of top qualities your man should have.

Be balanced. When dating, balance is key. You and your new found love should spend time together, getting to know each other. But equally as important, learn to enjoy time apart. Keep the relationship fresh by remaining balanced. You don’t have to revolve your entire schedule around him, and you don’t have to be elusive either. Sustain your current friendships; in fact, make new ones. Continue to indulge in alone time. Your hobbies should remain your hobbies.  As you continue to develop your individuality, the man in your life will get to see just how well rounded you truly are.

Love yourself by yourself. You don’t have to jump from one relationship to the next. While you are single, become aware of your likes, dislikes, and find out who you are. Be comfortable with the woman you’ve evolved into. When women are confident in who they are, we like ourselves. And so will the men in our lives.

Don’t settle. You may feel like Mr. Right is having a difficult time finding you. That isn’t a reason to start dating someone you know is not right for you. Be patient. Ultimately, you’ll be much happier waiting for the right one. Until then, have a blast being single and ready to mingle.

Have fun. Dating doesn’t have to feel like a nervous trip to the dentist office. Enjoy the journey. Going out with a new person means you both can try new things. Visit a trendy neighborhood that neither of you know. Try an off-the-cuff restaurant. Take an art class together. This is your opportunity to have a new experience to share and spark an in-depth conversation.

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