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Singleness: The New Sexy


I’ve heard someone say, “If singleness is a gift from God, I’d like to take it back and exchange it.”  I laughed when I heard this comment because I believe this sentiment is exactly how many people view their time alone.  But there are many shining jewels to being single.  And you don’t have to look hard to find them. Here now are just a few of the positives in the lives of singles. And I’m sure you could probably come up  with several of your own.

1. Personal Growth:

Take this opportunity to create the best version of you.  Right now is the perfect time for personal growth and discovery. Build your strengths and talents. Push yourself. Tackle goals you have never had the time to attempt before.  While single, you can build an identity independent of anyone else. And remember, healthy attracts healthy.  So if you desire someone with who is self confident, independent and well rounded, project those traits now.

2. More Time:

You finally have time to go to the gym or read your favorite novel.  Hey, take a dance class. Volunteer. Or spend time with the friends and family you’ve been ignoring.  Time is precious. And you now have more of it. Use every minute wisely.  Now could be the time to further your education, develop friendships and explore new hobbies.Woman in Martini Glass

3. Finances:

Without having to dole out cash on your significant other all of the time, you can start saving up money, again.  Set yourself up for success.  Don’t enter your next relationship with loads of debt and poor credit. Now’s the time to pay off your debts. And singles don’t have to consult their partners about transitioning to other jobs, especially those which require a major move.  Instead, do what’s best for you. Never wait for someone else to pull you from your financial difficulties. Do something for yourself.  Your pockets and your self esteem will get a great boost. After all, there is nothing more charming than a person who is financially stable.

Final Note:

Here’s the bottom line. Make goals based on what you desire and not upon whether you are with someone else. View your singleness as a gift that frees you to live your best.  And of course, use your singleness to help others in your life .

Written by: Emily Shupert

Shupert has an M.A. in counseling  and a B.A. in human development and family studies. She is a  Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (GA State Licensing Board).
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