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50 Simple Ways to Have Great Relationships


Life is all about relationships. And each of us has several types relationships in our lives: relationships with our partners, our children, our co-workers, friends, neighbors. Without strong, healthy relationships, you can begin to feel out of balance. So it’s important to know how to foster and maintain good relationships. Bottom line: relationships take work and should be nurtured. And there are endless ways to show people we care. Cotton Candy Magazine® gives you 50 easy ways to develop the relationships in your life.

1.)    Listen.

2.)    Cook dinner.

3.)    Pay for dinner.

4.)    Forgive.

5.)    Clear your schedule.

6.)    Tell people what you admire about them.

7.)    Keep your word.

8.)    Tell the truth.

9.)    Take up their hobbies.

10.)  Allow them to vent.

11.)  Kiss.

12.)  Hug.

13.)  Encourage.

14.)  Say thank you.

15.)  Apologize.

16.)  Be positive.

17.)  Share their interests.

18.)  Smile.

19.)  Be loyal.

20.)  Concentrate on the needs of others, not your own.

21.)  Laugh with them.

22.)  Call for no reason.

23.)  Invite them into your home.

24.)  Give gifts.

25.)  Celebrate their successes.

26.)  Support their dreams.

27.)  Accept their flaws.

28.)  Focus on their positives.

29.)  Avoid criticism.

30.)  Don’t judge.

31.)  Forget the past.

32.)  Focus on your future together.

33.)  Be merciful.

34.)  Have grace.

35.)  Write a love letter.

36.)  Let them have the remote.

37.)  Take a trip together.

38.)  Acknowledge their authority.

39.)  Give them space.

40.)  Don’t nag.

41.)  Say, “I love you.”

42.)  Be attentive.

43.)  Be sensitive.

44.)  Remember birthdays.

45.)  Celebrate anniversaries.

46.)  Plan a surprise vacation.

47.)  Cuddle.

48.)  Bring dessert home, especially chocolate or red velvet.

49.)  Drop by the office for lunch.

50.)  Give compliments.

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