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How to End a Dating Dry Spell


The rules of dating have changed.   And a lot of women simply don’t know what the new rules are.  So it can be frustrating when you desire a fulfilling, loving relationship but can’t seem to even get at date. Oy vey.  Well, Cotton Candy knows what you’re going through. That’s why we brought in relationship author J.J. Smith who’s here to help you use the right strategies and attract the ideal man. Read on and find out how to end your dating dry spell.

It’s a fact.  In the U.S.,  women outnumber men in every state, except Alaska and Nevada. So women have to be deliberate about finding, attracting and KEEPING a good man.  Now ladies, if you’re going to take dating seriously in this hyper-competitive dating environment, you have no choice but to start to think differently and employ new strategies to attract the ideal man.

Because finding a good guy can be a challenge, many single women have a tendency to push dating to the bottom of their priority list.   Not a good idea.  If you’ve been in a dry spell, you’ll first have to jump back into the dating game – head first.  Learn to enjoy dating, again.  Prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.  That may mean you’ll have to buy new clothes, spark up more conversations with men or tell yourself you’re beautiful.  Train yourself.  Another key element to getting back into the dating scene:  learn to date to have fun, not just to find a husband.  This will take the pressure off and allow you to enjoy the experience and the person.

Employing new dating strategies will help you win the dating game.  Be proactive.  Today there are so many ways to meet and date men.  In the past, women typically met men in grocery stores, gyms, bars and lounges, church, work, gyms and exercise centers, and car shows. Make no mistake.  These places are still great options for meeting men, and getting out there and living your life is still a viable way to meet men. But for some, traditional meetings simply have gotten stale.  Nowadays, there’s online dating, personal matchmakers, speed dating and other methods, you should be able to increase the quantity of men you meet.

It’s also crucial to know that how you live as a single person determines the type of men you attract into your life.  Having a full, productive single life is key to achieving a fulfilling committed relationship.  If you are unhappy single, you will likely be unhappy married, except you can then blame your spouse instead of yourself for your unhappiness.  Live the life you want as a single woman.  You will attract the man who is right for you.

The important thing to remember is that meeting a man can happen at any time, anywhere or any place.  So always be prepared.

J.J. Smith is a relationship author, radio host, passionate life coach, speaker and corporate executive.  J.J.’s dating and relationship advice is in high demand, with recent appearances on NBC, FOX, NewsChannel8, GLAMOUR, ESSENCE, Ladies Home Journal, theJamie Foxx Show, the Michael Baisden ShowMontel Williams Showand others.  J.J. is also known as D.C.’s Dating Diva for DC50, home the CW in Washington. She is the author of Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating, and the host of the internet radio talk show Real Talk with J.J. and The Fellas.

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