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How to Be Content


Although life brings its challenges, one of the best ways to overcome them is to be content.  Contentment opens the doors for us by energizing our moods and enabling us to invest what we do have into our futures.   Everyone has something to contribute and reasons to be grateful.  By becoming personally content, you’ll move forward and even be able to inspire others around you.  Here are a few steps that will help you focus on the positive aspects in your life so that you can progress toward your goals.

Be In the Moment

An integral part of being satisfied and content is to live for today.  Rather than worrying about tomorrow, enjoy the accomplishments of today. Of course, it’s always smart to plan ahead.  But planning should not lead to worrying about the future.  If you’ve crossed over into confusion and worry, then you are not living in the moment.   Make a decision today to appreciate the gifts you have today.

Organize Yourself

Organization can actually reduce stress.  When you reduce stress you will feel more content.
Take the time to organize your home, your finances, your eating regimen and workout routine.  When you have everything in order, you will feel a greater sense of control over many aspects of your life and you will be satisfied.

Focus on the Positives

Worry is meditation.  But it’s meditation on the negative – and gets you nowhere.  Choose to meditate on the positives in your life.  If you are a person who has a propensity to worry, you can reset your mind to be a calmer, stable individual.   When you find yourself worrying, think of an aspect of the situation that is bringing you something positive in your life.  This will take practice and effort.  But if you refuse to worry, you will find yourself a happier person.

Foster Friendships

Life can get busy.  And when it does, it can become easy to let those important friendships fall by the wayside.  But friendships provide a support system in both challenging and good times.  Genuine friends energize you and help you shed the things in your life that may not be so positive.  The more time you spend with your friends, the closer you’ll be with them, and the happier you will become.


The old mantra that laughter is the best medicine is true.  When we laugh, we release chemicals in our brain that immediately relieve stress.  Everyone loves to laugh.  Laughing is one of the simplest ways to feel content.

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