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5 Ways to Show You Love Him


Satisfying your man may seem easy in the movies but can be a challenge in REAL LIFE.  That’s why Cotton Candy reached out for some expert advice.  ASK Dan & Mike, the experts on communication, sex and relationships, share with you five things you can do to show you love him.  Trust us, dolls.  Your man WILL NOT be disappointed.

No. 1 Make His Favorite Meal:  Easy one… a slam-dunk.  We love our favorite meal prepared when we come home; and this simple act will show your man that you care for his heart… and his appetite.

No. 2 Get His Car Washed:  Sounds silly, right?  Bingo!  Of course it’s silly, and this act of love crosses the gender line.  Only the coolest of women would think of getting his car washed.  You’ll get miles out of this one.  (Pun intended)

No. 3 Offer Fantasy Night: You know at least one of these had to be sexual… and here it is.  Every man is different, with different needs and a different sexual appetite, so us telling you what to do would be irresponsible.  We wouldn’t do that to you.  With that in mind, get him a nice card and hand-make him a “Fantasy Night” coupon – “His wish is your command.”  This will be interesting for you as well.  Will he really share with you what’s on his mind? In addition, if you’ve read our book, you’ll know all the research says that men love “the Ambush.” So, if he’s a laid back kind of guy, this one is a winner. It’s the element of surprise.

No. 4 Tickets to Something He Likes to Do (that you may not):  This is a big one.  For instance, if you’re not a sports-fan, yet you buy him tickets to see his team play, that’s a great message to your man that you really love him.  If he’s not a sports guy, it could be NASCAR or Monster Truck, whereas we understand why you wouldn’t be a fan.  Make it happen ladies.

No. 5 Write Him a Lipstick Note:  This one is easy, quick and doesn’t cost any money.  Write him a quick note and tell him “You’re the Man of My Dreams” and put it on the kitchen counter, his car or in his briefcase.  Every man wants and needs his ego fed.  On the inside of every man is the desire to be “the Only Man for You.”  Take it to the next level by putting on some nice red lipstick and leave your “kiss mark” on the note.  In this tech savvy world, making a “bedroom date” via outlook appointment invite is nice touch. That’s money baby.

Featured on networks such as CNN, HLN, Fox News and on the Howard Stern Show, Dan Lier & Mike Lindstrom are renowned success coaches and speakers that have a combined 30 years of coaching experience working with thousands of men and women from across the globe.  Through their book, entitled MEN10 Secrets Every Woman Should Know from Two Guys that Do, and their popular weekend getaway seminar Women’s Vegas Weekend, ASK Dan & Mike are the known as the communication and relationship experts.

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