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Feeling blue? That can be to your advantage when it comes to infusing color into your home décor.  Blue remains one of the most popular and universal colors in interior design.  Blue can be compared to that great black dress in your closet, which you can dress up or down.  Blue comes in different shades, tones, tints and colors and can be paired with complementary or contrasting colors from orange to red and chocolate. But many homeowners and apartment dwellers often are afraid to take the plunge.  Color can be scary – especially bold hues such as blue.  Many are afraid to incorporate strong color into their décor.  But with an open mind, blue can be used anywhere, from bathrooms to bedrooms and kitchens.  Incorporating blues can include paint colors, upholstered furniture pieces or accents.  Interior designer and HGTV Design Star finalist Cathy Hobbs shows us how to include a little something blue into our homes.

No. 1.  Integrate blue into your kitchen by selecting blue as a kitchen cabinet choice.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, so often people believe their choices begin and end with wood or wood finishes. But there are beautiful options, especially if you are open to finishes such as lacquer. Blue lacquered cabinets can look amazing, most notably in a loft space.

No. 2  Paint the walls of your kitchen blue to make it look larger.

City dwellers, such as those in New York City, Chicago or Boston, are constantly challenged by the lack of space, especially when it comes to kitchens. Try using a historical blue color on the wall, a technique that can make the kitchen feel larger and looks crisp and clean with white or black cabinetry.

No. 3  Use blue in a bathroom to incorporate a sense of serenity.

Blue conjures images of water and serenity; perfect for relaxing baths and showers.   Try ‘Endless Summer’ by eco-friendly paint brand, Mythic Paints, to create a sea-like calm in a master bathroom.

(Click on the photos below for Cathy’s blue décor suggestions.)

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No. 4  Be creative with bold blue colors such as turquoise.

Most of us are familiar with so-called “Tiffany Blue”.  It is essentially a rich turquoise. It’s a bold choice, but one of today’s trend colors. Turquoise is an exquisite choice when it comes to blue, in part because it can be paired with so many colors. Try pairing turquoise with bright red, chocolate brown, black, and charcoal gray.

No. 5  Use blue in a children’s room.

Blue is traditionally associated with boys, but depending on the shade, remember blues can be a universal color.

No. 6  Use blue to integrate architectural detail in a space.

Create interest and architectural detail where it currently does not exist. Use techniques such as juxtapositioning with moldings. Historic blue paired with traditional moldings in a bedroom can truly add a sense of elegance.

No. 7  Integrate blue into your home furnishings.

When it comes time purchase large ticket staples, such as sofas and chairs, select blue. Blue upholstery pieces can help anchor a room and are timeless as opposed to trendy.

No. 8  Use blue to brighten a space.

So often people think blue can only act as a cool color to tone down a bright space.  Blue can also act as a wonderful color to lift the color or mood in a space.  Blue has the ability to highlight beautiful windows and the views in those spaces.

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