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Sensational Summer Décor

05.07.12 Sensational Summer Decor: Cotton Candy Magazine

Warm weather and a change of seasons always bring about a transformation in home décor.

So to celebrate the summer days ahead, Cotton Candy Magazine® asked interior designer and HGTV Design Star finalist Cathy Hobbs to give us some unique ways to add an element of summer to your home.

These seasonal creations are sure to heat up your personal space.

Infuse the color green.

Infuse Green

Mendelson Group

Green is versatile with seemingly endless shades and tones to choose.  From Jalapeno Pepper to bright lime, the rich shad has deep yellow undertones, making for bright, warm interiors.  Green also looks so amazing with a myriad of colors, from pure white to eggplant and other citrus colors such as orange and yellow.  A green palette also adds a level of sophistication to an interior especially when paired with other strong neutrals like white, black, and chocolate brown.  If you’re not ready to take the plunge, try bursts of rich green in your accent pieces such as artwork and accessories.

Incorporate natural elements.


Natural Elements: Rope Accent


A popular design trend is the use of natural elements.  Additionally you can use rope as a decorative wall hanging or create an interesting pattern on a blank canvas to make an interesting art piece.  Other ideas include, wood chip coins cut into 2” thick disks that can be purchased at most floral stores. They make wonderful decorative elements such as bookends, bases for candles and even an organic server for bowls filled with snacks or plated appetizers.  River stones and wood also make great creative elements.

Turn colorful scarves into bold pillows.

Scarves in gorgeous, fun prints make for an affordable fabric choice when it comes to toss pillows.

Frame wallpaper or pieces of fabric.



Montacute by Nina Campbell

Today wallpaper is drastically different than in times past.  Prints are bold, colorful and in many cases textured.  Small, sample sizes typically are substantial in size and perfect for framing.  Framed pieces of fabric also make for easy, affordable artwork.  The beauty of fabric is that you can buy it by the yard.  You can also frame smaller pieces to hang.

Use potted succulents, fruits or vegetables as arrangements.

Rather than delicate floras, use potted succulent plants.  Succulents are fleshy-leaved plants that hold moisture in their stems, roots or leaves, and don’t require a lot of care. Succulents are not only beautiful but they look fabulous in everything from rubbed terra cotta pots to glass vessels filled with stones and moss.  Fruits and vegetables can also add interest and flair to a table. From artichokes to peppers, lemons and limes, fruits and vegetables are colorful and innovative choices.  Vegetables as well as fruits can also be used as a base on the bottom of vases and vessels before adding cut flowers.  Another great idea: a tall long vase with baby apples placed inside.

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