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10.15.10 Fashionista's Office

Every woman needs personal space.   And your home office can be a great place to escape the fray.  Every office is a potential oasis. And it also can be a great place to show off your personality and style.   Mollie Chalk from Pineapple House Interior Design in Atlanta, Ga. explains how you can create a professional and personal décor in your home office.

Classy Meets Creative: The Sophisticated Office

Traditional wood paneling warms the room and adds richness.  American-style furniture, possibly antiques would furnish the room. Custom bookshelves with antique books and leather bound collections are organized in a meticulous manner.  Oil paintings adorn the walls.  This is a great space to have a working fireplace.

Sophisticated Office

Sophisticated Office

It’s Easy Being Green: The Eco-Friendly Office

Green is the way to go in this space. It is simple and clean but doesn’t have to be the stereotypical white and raw wood look.  Sustainable furniture can be anything from re-purposed furniture to new furniture from companies that value earth friendly materials and practices.  Bamboo floors are the obvious choice since they are comfortable and are, of course, eco-friendly.

Chill Out: The Relaxing Office

Usually a monochromatic scheme, still this office can use a pop of color to stimulate the mind.   A variety of smooth and lush textures encompass the space.   Le Corbusier furniture such as a chaise and side lounge chair are used for their classic look and comfortable seat.  Water features could be found in this space to provide an aesthetically pleasing sight and sound.

Project Runway: The Fashionista’s Office

Fashion and design follow the same trends.  Expect the fashionista to have a color palette based on the latest Runway show.  Jewel tones and metallic’s are sure to make their presence.  Transparent and reflective surfaces are trending as well.  Of course this office will go for mirrors and sketches for artwork rather than oils.

Relaxing Office

Relaxing Office

Music to My Ears: The Music Lover’s Office

This office will be designed around acoustic improving qualities.  Textures, such as dense woven’s as well as heavy window treatments, help with sound absorption.  Built in speakers are a must.  Framed music memorabilia adorning the walls is the only visual clue that this is a music lover’s office.

Home Run: The Sports Fanatic’s Office

Team colors are likely to accent these spaces.  Signed balls and memorabilia are used as display pieces.  Leather seating is the furniture of choice.  Not surprisingly, art will not be adorning these walls, but flat screen televisions will.

Written by: Mollie Chalk

Chalk is a Project Manager at Pineapple House.  She has managed  projects in Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina and the Turks and Caicos.  Her insights on color trends and dark color pallets have been featured on the popular AOL site, Shelter Pop.

Photos by:  Emily Followill and Jennifer Lindell.

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