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Five Dazzling Plants for Your Home


Let’s see. There are about 375,000 species of plants.  Then, remember 258,650 are flowering plants. But if you want a bryophtye then 15,000 would be the accurate number. Then throw in the quadratic equation plus E=MC2. Add all of that together and multiply it by 4,342 (just for kicks), and you’ve got way to many dazzling plants to choose from for your home. But no worries. Habersham Gardens gives us five fab plants that will make any home just bloom.


A beautiful bloomer, this favorite shrub does indeed dazzle! Hydrangeas start showing off late May through early June with rounded blooms atop medium to dark green foliage. Their versatility and size (usually three  feet to six feet) welcome them to most any landscape. The huge flowers bloom in varied colors depending on the soil:  acidic soil equals dark blue or purple; alkaline soil equals pink; and neutral soil equals pale green or white. Hydrangeas make a dazzling spring bridal bouquet.

Lantana “Miss Huff”

This drought-tolerant perennial loves full sun or part shade and will dazzle the garden all summer with its prolific blooms which turn from yellow to orange to pink making it appear tri-color. Lantana works well on rocky slopes and also does well in pots making it a smart selection for container gardens. There are annual varieties available which work well in seasonal color beds. Butterflies find its dazzling qualities irresistible.

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Striking is the best way to describe this hummingbird favorite. Perennial Foxgloves grow two feet to five feet and are biennials, meaning they bloom every other year from May to June. They love full sun or part shade. and they thrive in medium water. Don’t let them dry out! Foxgloves delight and dazzle the cottage gardener with their showy blossoms.

Moth Orchid

Also called Phalaenopsis Orchid, this seemingly delicate indoor plant is actually quite hardy and easy to grow. They usually bloom in late winter to early spring and colors range from pure white to yellows, bicolors and pinks with blossoms sometimes lasting well over a month. They prefer low light, and an eastern exposure is ideal. To induce reblooming, a few nights at 55 degrees is recommended. Orchids dazzle any room quite gracefully.


Bromeliad is a large family, ranging from the pineapple to Spanish Moss (which is neither Spanish nor a moss). They’re easy to grow indoors and can also be used outdoors where temps stay above freezing. Bromeliads come in a vast array of colors – from shades of red, yellow and orange to burgundy and pink. Bromeliads entered recorded history some 500 years ago when Columbus dazzled Spain with the pineapple upon return from his second voyage to the New World in 1493.

Written by: Brad Balsis, horticulturist, and Kara Hames, garden designer, of Habersham Gardens Landscape Services and Garden Center

Photos by: Jane Tapp

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