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Summer is almost within reach.  So creating an outdoor space that beckons for attention is a must. Languid days and balmy evenings deserve a stylish and inviting outdoor space. Creating that perfect outdoor setting adds an extra element to your living space – a personal outdoor oasis.  Cotton Candy knows this space is an extension of your home and will open up an entire new footprint for living.  Interior designer and former A&E host Sabina Vavra shows us how to create an outdoor space worthy of attention.

No 1. Promote conversation.

Typically outdoor spaces don’t play host to a TV, so they are a wonderful place to incorporate a seating pattern that promotes conversation.  By arranging your outdoor seating in a circular pattern, you encourage a group setting instead of a fixed focal point.

No 2. Incorporate fountains.

It’s important to think of your outdoor living space of an extension of your indoor living space.  Layers are what make a space marked with interest, and your outdoor space is no exception.  Creating unobtrusive, calming sounds in the form of a fountain is one of my favorite tricks to spark instant serenity in any space – especially the outdoors.  Fountains drown out any unwanted noise.  And like fountains, fireplaces offer a layer of atmosphere and warmth.

No 3. Create intimacy with a canopy.

Depending on the style of your outdoor space, there are numerous ways to foster intimacy with canopy-like structures.  Think of draping beautiful flowing fabric in de jure colors such as this year’s hot color Tangerine Tango to create spatial boundaries.

No 4.  Revamp your outdoor seating and pillows.

Nothing gives quite as much instant impact as reupholstering your seat cushions.  Think of it like painting an interior wall in a fresh coat of paint.  Try brighter palettes that add pops of color to your outdoor space.

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No 5.  Create the ultimate mood.

Good lighting is one of the single most important things in your outdoor haven.   Lighting should be soft, ambient, and create a glow to everything it shines upon, including your company.

No 6.  Extend inviting indoor décor with rugs.

Area rugs are a wonderful way to make a seamless transition between your interior and exterior living spaces.  You may also use area rugs to section off lounge areas for softness, coziness and a living-room feel.

No 7. Create a signature cocktail to compliment your décor.

Why not conjure up a signature cocktail especially to match your outdoor décor?  Think in terms of contrasting colors like mixing turquoise outdoor pillows with citrus mimosas for a perfectly juxtaposed outdoor setting.

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