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Color Splash: HGTV’s David Bromstad Paints the Town


Many of us of have seen him at work on the ever-popular HGTV series Color Splash.  Known for his color-filled transformations, interior designer David Bromstad is an accomplished artist and muralist who specializes in breathing new life into drab décor.  Bromstad is famous for creating custom paintings for the homeowners to accent the rooms he has designed.  Cotton Candy Magazine® caught up with the artist, who shared how he uses his talents and paintings to change lives.

Cotton Candy: Our editors just love the HGTV series Color Splash.   For those who haven’t seen it, tell us what’s the premise of the show.
David Bromstad: The show is about translating high-end design into everyday homes with a focus on color, unique style and a playful twist.  The show started in the San Francisco area, but now we shoot most episodes in the Miami area.

CC: Do you ever have a hard time getting people to see your vision for their home?
DB: No, not at all.   I’m very expressive about my designs, and I take them through each step of the process.

CC: Why do you feel it’s important to incorporate one of your custom paintings to accent the room you’ve designed?
DB: I feel this is something unique that many people can’t offer.  As a designer, I leave them something that will be with them forever.

CC: Do you consider yourself more an artist or an interior decorator?
DB: Definitely artist first.  Designer second.

CC: What’s the biggest mistake you see homeowners make when designing a room?
DB: The biggest mistake is not trying.   I feel many people are afraid of color or afraid of design and just simply don’t do it.  Like so many things in life, once you get into the design groove, you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

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CC: Do you feel homeowners are afraid of incorporating color into their homes?
DB: Absolutely.  People don’t realize color is the most inexpensive way to change up a room.  By enhancing with color or painting an accent wall, you can create an entire new look, inexpensively.

CC: Tell us how your background as a muralist contributes to your skills as an interior designer.
DB: As a muralist, you’re trained to think in grand moments and grand design.  I took that though process and carried it into design.

CC: So in your collection of custom paintings, which do you love most?
DB: Pucker Up because they are juicy and fabulous lips.

CC: How do you get inspired before painting a piece?
DB: I’m inspired by my homeowners and what they love but also like to bring in a little whimsy style to add a personal touch.

CC: Why do you feel fans are able to connect with your work?
DB: Hopefully, my fans are able to see the impact art can have in a space.   It can add the finishing touches.  I feel they connect to my work because it’s relatable, fun and refreshing.

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