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9 Ways to Save Space


One of the greatest challenges in having a place of your own is organizing space.   Whether in an apartment or a four-bedroom house, space is one thing that seems to remain elusive.  So Cotton Candy has solicited the help of interior designer and HGTV Design Star finalist Cathy Hobbs.   From creative space planning to furniture selection and innovative storage solutions, here are nine SIMPLE ways to make the most of the space you’ve got.

No. 1 Be Selective
Make strategic furniture selections rather than choosing a piece of furniture based solely on aesthetic value.  Always think of storage solutions.  For example select a sideboard instead of a console.

No. 2 Angle Furniture
Placing furniture at an angle maximizes space and adds interesting element of juxtapositioning.

No. 3 Consider Built Ins
Although it may be a pricey option creating built-ins, shelves, cabinets, and the like,  are at the top of the list as a way to maximize not only storage but floor space.

Built Ins

No. 4 Vary Cabinet Space
When creating a kitchen, consider including cabinets that are both above and below the counter as well as on kitchen islands.

No. 5 Divide Your Space
Divide space and make them dual purpose. Lower levels can often be a discarded space. Make these unused spaces purposeful.

Divide Your Space

Divide Your Space

No. 6 Elevate Items
Place your shelves at eye level. Positioning the items that you do not need out of sight and reach will leave useable space below.

No. 7 Double Up
Rather than giving young children separate bedrooms, consider placing them in the same room, freeing up a room of the home.

Double Up

Double Up

No. 8 Use Color
Use a technique called color mapping.  By utilizing shades and tones of the same color it can help marry a space, especially a small dining or living room combination.

No. 9 Use Mirrors
Mirrors simply trick the senses.  Without moving items around, you’ll open up a room by fooling you senses into feeling that the room has another dimension.

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