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The 2013 Trend Report

01.11.13 Cotton Candy Magazine 2013 Trends Kate Spade New York

As 2013 begins to unfold so do the trends that will establish the looks and styles for the season – and throughout the year.  Make way for an explosion of unconventional concepts mixed with retro-inspired style.  Today, the biggest challenge for women is to take these unorthodox trends and translate them into wearable, fashionable attire.  Cotton Candy Magazine® has chosen some of the top trends leading the way in 2013.   Experiment with each of these to add impact to your wardrobe.

No. 1 Statement Shoes

These exaggerated shoes will add an embellished statement to your ensemble.  This year, we’re predicting that the statement shoe will be a major player in revved up style.  Chunky-heeled shoes and even flats with bold colors and mixed materials are this season’s true trophy pieces.

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No. 2 Graphic Prints

The elements of graphic design show boldness and creativity.  If you’re looking to turn heads this year, try a floral print dress, pant, skirt or even shoe.  You can also explore with paisleys and geometric motifs. Graphic print jackets also provide a standout look.

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No. 3 Emerald Green

Emerald green is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013.  And Cotton Candy has already seen lush interpretations of the elegant hue on the runway.  The spring 2013 line of Akris illustrates the rich color from head to toe in its alluring sportswear designs.  If you’re intimidated about the thought of immersing yourself in emerald, try adding a touch of green through your accessories.  We’ve chosen a stunning python tote from Gucci you’re sure to love.  The cost? A mere $4,100.

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No. 4 Black and White

The combination of black and white makes for a sleek and confident look.  You can wear this two-tone trend in a variety of ways.  Try blocking all white on the bottom and black on the top.  Or experiment with pinstripes, checkers, and even layered tones to strike a contrast.  Black and white shoes are another great way to incorporate the trend.

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No. 5 Signature Clutch

The clutch is a classic staple, usually adding a touch of refinement to a women’s outfit.  But a signature clutch is one that is unique in concept and unorthodox in style.  Kate Spade New York gives us an array of fun, funky clutch bags that have concepts which range from radio inspiration to sunglass sleekness.  This year, try an eccentric piece to top off your look.

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Written by Natasha D. Smith

Cotton Candy Magazine®