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Street Style: Venice


Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, the detail of its architecture and the distinguishing character of its artworks.  But the city is also a style haven for fashion lovers and boutique dwellers. Whether wearing comfortable flats, a bohemian dress, colorful accessories or thrift-store finds, Venetian girls have reinvented street style into a delicious hybrid of glamour and comfort to survive in the bustling city streets brimming with bikes and void of cars.  Cotton Candy contributor Beatrice Boatto is one of Venice’s fledgling fashion writers.  Bea hit the cobblestone streets to find the inspiration behind the style of young women in Venice.

Alice, 28, Trieste and Venice
Spotted with friends in St. Mark’s Square – the social, religious and political center of Venice – Alice is draped in a 60s vintage dress, black cotton leggings, a leather bag and shiny red pumps. The fresh-faced 20-something confesses she refuses to give up on glamour with an extra pair of heeled shoes tucked in her bag.

Alice, 28

Alice’s must-have accessory: “A retro style purse to keep my lipstick and comb – my secret weapons.”

Alice’s self-described style: “A mix of Paris and London in the 60s.”

Alice’s inspiration:Jean Seberg – she is the ultimate chic actress.”

Alessandra, 25, Barcelona and Venice
We found Alessandra catching a boat – the most common type of public transportation in Venice – to reach the airport on her trip to Barcelona, the city of her new home. A quick snap of her traveling outfit revealed stonewashed jeggings, a fully lined black jacket from Zara, a floral print scarf and leather stirrup boots.

Cotton Candy Magazine: Venice Street Style

Alessandra, 25

Alessandra’s must-have accessory: “My sunglasses – they help me face mornings with a smile and no make up.”

Alessandra’s self-described style: “Sun-kissed.”

Alessandra’s inspiration: “My lovely boyfriend and happy days.”

Marta, 28, Bologna, Italy
Marta is strolling around town to discover local food and wine in Venice. And comfort is key.  Marta has opted for black skinny jeans from H&M, a rust corduroy jacket inherited from her brother and a pair of vegan Dr. Marten’s classic Originals.

Marta, 25

Marta’s must-have accessory: “My Kanken mini backpack. It is as small and cute as a purse, and I have it in four different colours.”

Marta’s inspiration: “The music I am listening to. My favorite band at the moment would definitely be Beach House”.

Ines, 25, Spain
Ines continues to window shop in Venice, and as frequent visitor of the city she knows shopping is all about flat comfortable shoes.  Ines is sporting black leggings, a PU aviator jacket, a bird print tunic and feminine combat boots.

Cotton Candy Magzine: Vence Street Style

Ines, 25

Ines’s must-have accessory: “A maxi bag like the one I am wearing today.”

Ines’s self-described style: “Girly casual.”

Ines’s inspiration: “Traveling.  It keeps my fantasy alive.”


Beatrice, 25, Rome, Italy
Beatrice lives in Rome, but the young photographer enjoys visiting the Venetian lagoon from time to time. Today she matched her classic Zara trench coat with a navy blue-striped T-shirt, Topshop sunglasses and a pair of brown high waist chinos.

Cotton Candy Magazine: Street Style Venice

Beatrice, 25

Beatrice’s must-have accessory: “Rings. I wear at least three all the time.”

Beatrice’s self-described style: “Simple, with an attitude”

Beatrice’s inspiration: “Vintage and classic elegance.”


Margherita, 24, Venice, Italy
Margherita is a design student in her final year of college. We catch her as she is queuing to visit an exhibition, a favorite pastime of locals and visitors alike.

Cotton Candy Magazine: Venice Street Style

Margherita, 24

Margherita’s must- have accessory: “My sense of humour.”

Margherita’s self-described style: “Random.”

Margherita’s inspiration: “Anything I find beautiful.”

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