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Infuse Color into Your Style


Color.  What an energizing accent to add to your wardrobe and such a large part of today’s fashion. It is often difficult to add this component to our seemingly sleek wardrobes, where the only universal color we feel we need is black. However color is important regardless of the fashion.  Color brings light, energy, happiness, adds a touch of blush, enhances your beauty and of course, distinguishes your personality. Style experts Barbara and Monica Abbatemaggio of Sorelle Firenze share a few simple techniques to infuse color into your attire that’ll make the transition seamless.

First identify which are the right colors for each of you and your skin tones. The easiest and quickest rule of thumb is whichever color adds glow to your face is the color that works.  If the color drains color from your face, then don’t wear it. It’s not for you.

If you’re apprehensive about wearing brights, start out by keeping things calm. Choose from a subtle color palette, such as earthy tones, camels, beige’s and browns, to forest greens and navy blues. For those of us that are more adventurous, raring to go and feeling energetic, then vibrant colors will be the calling, such as reds, fuchsia’s, yellows and bright blues.  Regardless of the palette, remember shape and fit must always work with our silhouettes.

The simplest way to begin infusing color is with jewelry. Adding a sprinkle of color can be as easy as a pair of emerald colored earrings, a cherry colored choker, African beaded bracelets or even a rose quartz ring. Choosing one area to focus on and go with it, such as a stack of bangles and a ring, or a multiple strands around the neck, or some large drop earrings.

Circa Sixty Three Jelly Bangle

If you prefer to keep your silhouette black add a splash of color with a scarf, a pair of shoes or a handbag. Imagine those skinny black jeans, a black sweater and some fabulous leopard print ankle boots. If you’re a little more daring try the little black dress with black tights and fantastic red pumps. Or consider nude colored heels with skin colored fishnets which are sexy yet simple.  All of these accessories will add a sense of panache.

If you’re willing to dip a toe out of the sea of black, you can still hold on to some of your favorite black elements and switch out others for color. Keep your black tank and leather jacket and slip into luminous jeans or trousers, edge up your workday with color in your skirt, step out at night in that slinky black pencil skirt with a shimmering yellow silk blouse.  If you want to go all out, how about a scintillating colored coat or blazer?  Vibrant outerwear will brighten up even the dullest of days.

Joe’s Jeans Buttercup Wash

For the most daring, turn your black base into a monochrome base of another color. You can start off slow, maybe switching from black to grey, beige or brown. As time passes you may want to get a bit more daring with blues, reds or even mustard. When you’re wearing monochrome it’s not necessarily extreme or excessive.  Color can be incredibly elegant and classic.

Now ladies.  It’s time to go loud or go home.  Polka dots and solids, stripes and florals, sparkles and knits are daring options to include color.  Gone are the days of all the rules of what you could and couldn’t mix.  Today there are no rules, and it’s just a case of unique style and impeccable tastes.

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