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Twice a year the streets and neighborhoods in New York buzz with the excitement of the well-planned, highly-orchestrated, intensely-produced shows at Mercedes-Benz fashion week inside Lincoln Center.  The experience is truly parallel to no other, and at times I wish I could put into a bottle all of the sights and sounds I’ve seen at the grandiloquent events. But even with all the grandeur and glamour, I can’t help but concentrate on the inspiration leading up to the final works and the talent behind the illustrious fashions.

I wanted to share these glorious creations inspired by 1940s painters and sketched by industry fave Pamella Roland.   When I study these pieces of art – these glamorous renderings – which are eventually translated into tangible, wearable artwork, I’m reminded that we all can take our own ideas, creations, desires and passions then proceed to make them into a reality. I’m encouraged to nurture the seeds planted inside of me.  I’m urged to examine my talents and take risks.  The sketches are a great reminder of all the determination and fervency that goes into the final works at a show – the manifestation of an end goal that’s been the motivator for years of perpetual hard work.

(Dolls, click on the sketches below.)

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As we all know, fall is a great time for fashion.  But the seasonal change is also a great time to sit back and examine the goals and dreams you have waiting inside of you.  Take your dreams, your to-do list, sketches, or ideas doodled on a piece of paper and begin to work on making them a reality.

Whether you want to become a fashion designer, the next money guru, passionate painter, meticulous architect, or motivating mother, Cotton Candy Magazine encourages you to draw from your personal talents and intrinsic desires and give yourself a chance to succeed at your dreams. Why?  Because you’re worth it.

Written by: Natasha Danielle Smith

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