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Changing Your Personal Style

05.19.12 Cotton Candy Magazine: Changing Your Style

You’re a beautiful, ever-changing woman. But does your style reflect that notion? When it comes to your personal style, Cotton Candy Magazine® editors will always encourage you to be yourself and wear what makes you look and feel comfortable, attractive and powerful. That means as you mature and as you change for the better, so should your style. We are all about shattering the limits and breaking the barriers when it comes to personal style. So if you need a serious revamp for your look, we’re here for you. So, how do you get started?

First, all needless rules have to go. Does that mean you should be walking around in a miniskirt and mid-drift? Of course not. We said needless rules. There should be balance. But why wear the same black or dark blue pump every day? Be bold and shake things up a little by adding a rich-hue shoe, such as green, pink, red or even yellow.

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And once you’ve gotten rid of the useless boundaries, it’s time to lay out some specifics. Ask yourself what is it that you want to change. Are you wearing too many pants and not enough dresses that complement your figure? Do your clothes need to be tailored? Do you have too many of the same colors in your closet, maybe even the same shirt in different colors?  It’s time to do a little inventory. Go through your closet and make notes — copious notes — on what needs to change.

Next, build on your strengths. Do you have long legs? Try rocking a dark-colored monochromatic look. What about that gorgeous neck and collar bone? Let your V-neck shirt plunge appropriately, just enough to call attention to you in all the right ways.  Highlight your best features by accentuating your eye-catching physical assets, using fashionable cuts, patterns, colors and styles.

Finally, here’s the best part. It’s time to go shopping. Set the date with a trusted friend to accompany you — a friend whose style you appreciate — and shop, shop, shop. And in the end, show off the new you — mind, body, and clothes.

Cotton Candy Publisher: Nicole D. Smith

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