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5 Fashion Dos, 5 Fashion DON’TS


The concept of style and beauty should be a comprehensive one. It goes beyond what you’re wearing to encompass your surroundings, lifestyle and attitude. The way you carry yourself can say more about you than what you are wearing. Below are some fashion DOs and DON’Ts from style experts Barbara and Monica Abbatemaggio of Sorelle Firenze that will lay the groundwork for you exuding style, elegance and sexy glamour in every aspect of your life.

5 Fashion DOs

DO apply blush right before leaving the house. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your dog for a run, hitting the gym or picking up a few groceries.

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Looking pretty and fresh all day long makes your life beautiful.

DO wear your motorcycle leather jacket with your favorite paisley mini dress. The look is fresh with a rock and roll edge. Wear it with either ankle boots or flats.

DO give friends three bunches of tulips (from your local deli) when going to their home. Ask the clerk for clear wrapping or just use a layer of newspaper. The presentation will look almost handpicked. Over arranging flowers will make them appear older and too prepared.

DO wear a black lacy bra under a white tee shirt or a man’s tailored button down white shirt. Unbutton the shirt right under your breast. Showing a little lace is always pleasant and super feminine. Alternate your bras, collecting an array of colors to keep the look fresh.

DO wear your favorite evening dress (short or long) with a messenger bag and your sparkling heels. This is the ultimate Sorelle Firenze girl.

5 Fashion DON’TS

DON’T wear shoes that you don’t know how to walk in. It’s better to look your height and have a feminine and smooth walk than look awkward with each step. You can’t exude confidence if your feet hurt and you don’t know how to stand in your shoes. We think that woman look most beautiful and sexy when they feel comfortable in what they wear.

DON’T wear Jeggings if you’re self conscience about your legs. It’s smarter to choose a more flattering type of jean that goes with your shape like skinny jeans with a straighter bottom.

DON’T go overboard with trends. Your outfit should have a classical base using a trend for flair. Overlapping too many trends at the same makes you look like a Bloomingdale’s display window. Always remember to choose a trend that is appropriate for your age, height and body shape. So if you’re shorter than 5’4” don’t overpower your body with an oversize bag.

DON’T wear a waist belt on a little skirt just because it’s the latest trend. If you have a short waist or are pear shaped, keeping your top and bottom monochromatic will make your figure appear longer and leaner. Always remember your silhouette before applying any trend to your style.

DON’T forget about yourself. Eat right and exercise.  Treat yourself.  Respect your shape, and always highlight your femininity.

Once a shop in NYC’s trendy TriBeCa neighborhood,  Sorelle Firenze has re-emerged as a sought after styling consultancy.  Sorelle Firenze continues to draw select clients, celebrities and work exclusive corporate parties and events for clients from across the country.

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