Trends to Die For

08.06.12 Ruthie Davis Cotton Candy Magazine

With every season top trends emerge that can propel your style into a unique, confident sexy look.  But sifting through the cacophony of fashion finds can be daunting.  That’s why the editors at Cotton Candy Magazine® have selected some of our fave trends that will help you ride the wave of established styles while making your own chic statement.  Here’s a handy cheat sheet on the season’s to-die-for trends.

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No. 1 A Bold Shoe

Walk like a fashion editor with an exaggerated shoe.  A hot shoe should be one that calls attention and emanates a pop of chic.  There’s always an array of choices, including wedges, booties, boots, flats, stilettos and loafers.  We love this Popsicle stiletto by designer Ruthie Davis.

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No. 2 Funky Accessories

Rather than finishing off your look with an accessory, start with your accent pieces.  The right handbag can be the focal point of your look and provide the ideal color, texture and shape.  Just, remain simple with the rest of your look.  Try these grandiose clutches from Kate Spade New York.

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No. 3 The Classic Trench

A well-tailored trench coat should be an essential investment piece.  It’s timeless and versatile.  Plus these days, trench coats come in all types of fabrics and colors in addition to simple khaki.

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No. 4 Simple Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are another closet staple and should be paired with fun colors to create a more vibrant look.  Consider a slightly more relaxed shape like this Schiller Jacket from Hare+Hart.

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No. 5 Colored Denim

Luminous denims translate into every season.  Perfect dress for chilly weather, but bright in style for the scintillating warm months.  We’ve chosen one of our fave washes, parakeet green, from The 55 Colors collection.

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