Sweet Treats: Chocolate Bars in NYC


Whether you occasionally indulge in the decadent taste of chocolate or make it a daily ritual, chocolate definitely makes life just a little bit sweeter.  Cotton Candy found some yummy spots to experience some of the finest chocolatiers Manhattan has to offer.

Cotton Candy contributor Carla Sullivan had the sweetest task of all – uncovering the best places to satisfy your chocolate cravings like never before.

Located in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Manhattan, this SoHo cacao bar and tea salon evokes thoughts of a Viennese café. Just by stepping into this jewel box you are overwhelmed by the scent of chocolate – and you must sample the Aztec hot chocolate while enjoying the serenity of the surroundings.


La Maison du Chocolat

Located on a serene block on Madison Avenue, La Maison du Chocoalt caters to a well-heeled (Louboutins and Manolos preferred) crowd. The chocolate is decadent and truly some of the best you will find in the City. If you’ve got the desire to go beyond the chocolate, try the sweet macaroons; they are to die for.

La Maison du Chocolat

Max Brenner
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Max Brenner’s Union Square chocolate café and restaurant is the Disney World of chocolate shops. Catering to the hipster 20-somethings and toddler crowds – both of whom can consume mass amounts of calories and not show it – the café offers chocolate everything from chocolate pizza and chocolate fondue to chocolate chip pancakes and yes, hot chocolate. Be prepared to wait for a table because they do not take reservations and it is a “hot” destination for all ages. But with a bar that serves chocolate chip cookies and alcoholic beverages (including many chocolate libations) what’s the rush to be seated?

Max Brenner

Serendipity 3
Almost every week the NYC tabloids report that the hottest celebs make a stop at this East Side restaurant for the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. From Catherine Zeta Jones and Beyonce to Miley Cyrus and Katie Holmes, in-the-know women know that Serendipity 3’s desserts are so worth the calories.  What’s even cooler, your waitress won’t even blink if you forget the salad and just order dessert as your main course.

Serendipity 3 (photo from

Written by: Carla Sullivan
After careers in broadcast journalism and public relations, longtime foodie Carla Sullivan combined her love of dining out in the City with the love for her two kids.
Founder of, Sullivan is dedicated to seeking out kid-friendly restaurants in Manhattan.

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