Charleston Eats: Cuisine with Southern Charm

01.25.12 The Grocery Cotton Candy Magazine

One of America’s most exclusive communities is the swanky culinary society in South Carolina.  Joining the highly coveted ranks is The Grocery, a charming restaurant in downtown Charleston that offers delectable cuisine with Mediterranean and Southern American influences.

Executive chef and owner Kevin Johnson is serving seasonal ingredient-inspired creations, each reflecting the warmth and familiarity associated with the nostalgia of a charming Southern grocery store.

The Grocery is replete with house-made charcuterie, fresh seafood, and an extensive cocktail and wine list.  The revamped furniture warehouse provides restaurateurs a quaint, warm ambiance through the wood-burning oven and soothing brown-and-cream interior.

Cotton Candy gives you just a taste of the southern charm this culinary delight has to offer.

(Click on the photos below.)

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