A New Kind of Winter Wonderland


Nestled among the Swiss Alps sits a wintry delight –Whitepod. Taking its name quite literally, the lodging is comprised of modern, sleek pods that are reminiscent the Canadian igloos. White snow blankets the scenery as far as the eye can see, perfect for the ski lover and wonderful for anyone adventurous enough to go dog sledding. Dare we say it? Whitepod is a winter wonderland for the grown and fabulous. Each pod entails a wood burning fireplace and is designed for the ideal mixture of comfort, warmth, and sustainablity for the environment. Pods are covered with a white canvas in the winter and a green in the summer, effortlessly blending into the surrounding landscape, and every structure is pitched on a raised wooden platform so that the eco-conscious structures have little contact with the ground and can be removed without leaving any trace. (Even Mother Nature cannot tell.) No crowds. Just you and everything our beautiful planet has to offer. ( Dolls, click the photos below.)

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