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Treasures of Famed Photographer Terry O’Neill


Truth be told, to call Terry O’Neill simply a photographer is an understatment. His reputation remains an iconic staple among those in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, music and so much more. Over the years his work has captured the journey of some of modern history’s biggest, well-known figures: the Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Beatles, Nelson Mandela, Amy Winehouse. But bigger than the names are the capitivating pictures that chronicle their journeys along the way. Time, Newsweek and Vanity Fair are just a few of the top publications that have featured cover photos by O’Neill, a testament to his artistic, life-giving talent. He started taking remarkable photos in 1958 and since then hasn’t stop recording history through the lens.

Cotton Candy Magazine® asked O’Neill to handpick and share with us some of his prized collection, currently showing at IGI Fine Art Gallery. Read the captions to see how O’Neill describes his work and tells one-of-a-kind stories from his creative point of view. To us, his pictures speak more than words could ever say.

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Photos: IGI Fine Art Gallery and Terry O’Neill; For price inquiries and more info, email  or call 646.470.5730.


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