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Louise Roe: Fashion’s ‘It’ Girl

08.09.11 Louise Roe: Fashion's It Girl

It’s ironic that you tune into the CW network on Thursday at 9 p.m. (EST of course) and see an oxymoron personified.  There is the strikingly gorgeous, brown-haired beauty Louise Roe hosting the infectious show entitled Plain Jane. There, Roe turns the style deficient into the fashionably adored.   The fashion guru first stole the hearts of Americans on MTV’s The City. And now, the style maven is opening up with Cotton Candy on her latest endeavors in the fashion industry. Roe’s tidbits are sure to leave you fierce, chic and ready to conquer.

Cotton Candy: We know that you’re a prolific fashion reporter.  But we’ve also heard that you’re starting a new clothing line, and you’re planning to launch the eponymous collection in September. Tell us what women are going to see with your line that they won’t get with other clothing designers.

Louise Roe: Yes, I’m very excited. It’s solely for HSN.  So it’ll be available on TV and also online.  And you know it’s an idea I’ve sort of had for years but didn’t have the platform to do it.  I wanted to make a collection in which every size woman, no matter the shape, would have at least one piece in her wardrobe that she absolutely loved. I want it to be her go-to, favorite top or bottom.   No matter the day she’s having, she’ll be able to have that one dress that simply looks good.

That’s the idea behind it.  On the show [the CW’s Plain Jane] I try to educate women about shape.  You’d be surprised how many ladies don’t know if they’re an hourglass or a pear shape, simply because they don’t look at their bodies.  When you go shopping you shouldn’t be considering just trends but more so your shape.  So the collection is very much based around that concept.

CC: Pictures of you wearing the “Louise” dress have already begun circulating around the Internet. Does it feel weird having a dress named after you?

Louise wears 'Louise Roe for HSN', London England

Louise wears 'Louise Roe for HSN', London England

LR: (Laughs) Actually, I think that was someone else’s idea, and I said, “Yes! Let’s do that.”  (Laughs) But honestly, it’s like living in a fairytale for someone who loves fashion. To be able to sit in a room with designers and manufactures, and then we bring my sketches, ideas and movements to life. It was amazing.

CC: When did you realize that you wanted to make the jump from fashion journalist to fashion designer?

LR: I think it’s always been something in the back of my mind.  Some opportunities have made me say, “Wow. Let’s give that a shot.” But this just felt natural.  Although I’m not trained to sketch, I know what I’m doing when it comes to body types and shapes.  So to make something around my vision was a dream come true.

CC: So as a fashion journalist, you’ve reported for, and even reported on the Royal Wedding for E! Entertainment Television.  Which fashion icon would you love to interview who you haven’t yet?

LR: Someone like Grace Jones would be wonderful.  Lauren Hutton is a massive style icon of mine, who I would LOVE to interview.  And actually, I was in the line, the security line at LAX, next to her just two weeks ago!  (Laughs) And, I had trouble controlling my excitement. But I managed. (Laughs) But oh my, I was jumping up and down on the inside.

CC: We love that.

LR: Yeah. (Giggles) That was fun.

Photo Credit: Louise Roe Offical Facebook

Photo Credit: Louise Roe Offical Facebook

CC: So with your show on the CW, Plain Jane, you help women find the fashion sense inside of them.  But what would you say is the most challenging about working with the ladies?

LR: It’s always different.  Which I guess, I love because I genuinely bond with them.  You have to get after them because if not, it just doesn’t work, and you won’t see that genuine transformation.  The best moment is when for the first time since her transformation she is in front of her guy, because she has been made over.  And now they feel good. They look good.  That’s an incredible moment.

CC: We’re looking forward to this season of Plain Jane. But the American audience was actually introduced to you on MTV’s hit reality show, The City. Which do you enjoy more: reality TV or hosting?

LR: Hosting.  I did, however, just love doing The City. It was exceptionally fun.  But I think that for me, creating a show where it’s a bit more structured and we have an outcome in the end that we’re aiming for is what I enjoy more.

CC: Do you ever talk to Erin Kaplan or Olivia Palmero?

LR: Yes, I do! And Whitney [Port].  I bumped into Whitney at Miami Swim Week.  And Olivia and I did a shoot for Hogan a few months back.  However, I’m probably the most in touch with Erin.  We exchange e-mails.  Or catch up when I’m in New York.  She’s adorable.  She’s got such a great work ethic.  But they’re all really lovely girls.

Photo Credit: My Fashion Life

Photo Credit: My Fashion Life

CC: So, we know Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York will be here before you know it.  What shows do you plan to attend this fall?

LR: Zac Posen is really an incredible show.  And Charlotte Ronson is always just like a party.  She gets her sister to DJ.  And you know, it’s just fun.  Fun clothes and fun girls on the runway.

CC: And you probably get this a lot.  But for the young woman who wants to become a fashion reporter, where does she start?

LR: Actually it is a good question.  Certain editors were kind to me, gave me advice and helped to get a start.  If they hadn’t, I never would have kept going.  I think definitely have perseverance.  Get your resume spot on.  Editors receive so many resumes every day.  Your work has got to stand out.  When I started, there weren’t really prolific blogs and things.  You couldn’t just start up your own blog.  But now, when someone asks if you’ve gotten something published, you can mention your blog that reports on Fashion Week and the photos you’ve taken yourself.  The more proactive you are, the more impressive it is.

CC: And we have to ask you one more question about fashion.  Is there such a color that truly goes with everything?

LR: Actually yes. There is. Americans call it taupe.  And it’s sort of like a creamy gray, which sounds gross.  But it’s gorgeous. So neutral.   It’s actually very warm.  And I wear that with everything.  I think that’s the closest you can get for a color that goes with everything. (Laughs)

Written by: Nicole D. Smith

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