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People adore and know Holly Madison for her iconic laugh, brilliantly blonde hair, captivating smile, and oh – her six-year relationship with America’s most noted lover boy, Hugh Hefner of Playboy Enterprises, a relationship captured on the wildly popular show Girls Next Door.  But it’s more than who Madison has dated that keeps the former Playboy beauty on top of the celebrity A-list. Her good looks and brains have landed Madison the lead role in the Las Vegas burlesque show, Peepshow and a book entitled The Showgirl  Next Door: Holly Madison’s Guide to Las Vegas. Her life adventures are captured by a formidable force we like to call reality TV.  Season No. 2 of Holly’s World premieres Jan. 23 on E! Entertainment Television.  And, we have the scoop on the fun-loving sweetheart. Cotton Candy got past the rumors and the hype by playing a simple game of True or False with the budding reality star. Read on as Madison shares what’s true and what’s false about ex-beau Hugh Hefner, her current love life and continual fame.

True or False:  I always knew I’d be famous.
Holly Madison:
True. You have to be kind of delusional to become famous in the first place. It’s something you have to work so hard at, and it’s something that’s such a long shot. You have to be delusional and think of yourself as someone for some reason who needs to be famous or wants to be famous in order to try so hard to pursue something. And [don’t] always believe those stories where someone acts like they were just discovered, like the story of Pamela Anderson. “Ah, someone just found me on a jumbo screen at a football game!”  These are more like easy soundbites and Cinderella stories that people like to say so they don’t sound like they are so special; they were just plucked out of the blue. But I think becoming someone like a Pamela Anderson takes a little bit more work than that. (Laughs) So my answer is true.

True or False: I am in love.
HM: I’m in love? False. I’m not in love.

True or False: Sometimes I feel lonely.
HM: True. I get lonely really easily. I love to have a lot of people around me. I get lonely when my roommates aren’t home. … So yeah, I get lonely sometimes.

True or False: Most people misunderstand me.
HM: I think that’s definitely true. I think you have to know me really well to understand where I’m coming from. A lot of people think I don’t work hard and that it doesn’t take any effort to be on a reality show. But it does take a lot of effort. I ‘m co-executive producer on the show [Holly’s World] as well, so I work behind the scenes a lot. Also, I do a live show in Las Vegas six nights a week. I’m singing and dancing all of time. I’m constantly having to do [public relations] work. I’m a correspondent for the new show “Extra” from Las Vegas. So, I work very hard, and I don’t think people realize that. I think people think I’m just a typical reality star that was some socialite or something. But that’s not the case.

"Holly's World" premieres Sunday, Jan. 23 on E!.

True or False: Hugh Hefner is the best thing that ever happened to me.
HM: I would say false only because you can’t really pick out one thing that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. He gave me a lot of opportunity, but a lot of things have too. Dancing with the Stars came along at a very important time in my life. I feel like Dancing with the Stars really saved my life. Being in Peepshow has really defined this new year in my life, and it’s given me a really great, stable job. So, I can’t say that one thing is the best thing that ever happened to me.

True or False: Las Vegas is more fun than Hollywood.
HM: Definitely true! I think there’s always something new and different going on in Las Vegas. It’s much less pretentious. Things switch up all of the time. Everybody you know comes here. There’s always celebrities here, coming to town throwing parties. So it’s definitely more fun.

True or False: I see myself wearing miniskirts at 80 years old.
HM: False. I’m kind of uncomfortable in miniskirts sometimes. And I’m one of those people who’s always freezing cold unless it’s super, super hot out. So I think when I’m 80, I’ll be wearing pants. I’ll be wearing flats. I’ll be wearing pajamas pants.(Laughs) I’ll be wearing leggings, tights. I’ll be wearing anything but miniskirts. (Laughs.)

True or False: I have regrets.
HM: I would say false, only because I really like where my life is now. Even if you could change one thing, even if it’s unpleasant or you think there’s something you could have done better, your life might not be exactly where it is. So I would say false. I have no regrets. (Giggles)

True or False: I’m the prettiest woman I know.
HM: False. I’ve worked with so many gorgeous playmates who are so naturally beautiful when I worked at the Playboy studio. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think if I picked the prettiest person I’ve ever meet, it would be this woman named Dasha [Astafievas] from the Ukraine who was our 50th anniversary playmate. She just had the perfect natural body, such a gorgeous face and gorgeous hair. She’s was just a total knockout.

True or False: I see myself on the big screen.
HM: True but in a fun and quirky way in films. I think I could make a good cameo or two.

True or False:  I am happy.
HM: True. I’m definitely happy, and I think I’m really lucky. I have a lot of really great opportunities, and I’m definitely happy.

True or False:  I like my body the way it is, and I have a healthy body image.
HM: True. I’m definitely really happy with my body.

True or False: I am happy about Hugh’s engagement.

Reality TV star Holly Madison tells us what's true and what's false on

HM: False, only because I worry about him. I’m just being honest. I worry. He wasn’t happy the last two times he was married. So I just worry if he’s making the best decision. I want him to be happy, but I just worry if he’s making the best decision for the long run.

True or False: Reality TV isn’t reality at all.
HM: False. It is definitely reality sometimes. … Sometimes things have to be manipulated to make a storyline, but it’s definitely heavily inspired by my real life, at least.

True or False: I see myself as a mother someday.
HM: Definitely true! I definitely want to have kids someday.

True or False: For me, good friends are hard to find.
HM: True. I think good friends are really hard to find. I really have a handful of old and close friends.

True or False: I have a secret addiction.
HM: False. I don’t think any of my addictions are secret. I’m definitely addicted to junk food. It’s really hard to tear me away.

True or False: I’m nervous about the season premiere of Holly’s World.
HM: False. I think I would be nervous if I was less busy, but I’m so busy it’s kind of … my head is just is always on, “What’s my next appointment?”, “What’s going on tomorrow that I have to prepare for?”,  and “What’s happening in two days that I need to prepare for?” So I try to live in the moment and enjoy things as much as I can. It’s a challenge, and I don’t really feel that projects I’ve already done that are ready to air is anything that I concentrate on too much. I just sit back and enjoy it when it airs.

Cotton Candy: So what can we expect with this new season of Holly’s World?
HM: This season is really going to be about character development. There’s a lot of drama. There’s a lot of people that come into town and try to start trouble. [There are] a lot of personal challenges for me. Not everything is all happy. It’s fun. It’s glamorous. It’s pretty to look at. But there’s just a lot of challenges to climb over this season.

Written by: Natasha D. Smith and Nicole D. Smith

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