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Beth Shak: Couture Meets Poker

You’ve got to admire her. Poker star Beth Shak plays with the biggest, baddest men in the game — and doesn’t lose her sexy while doing it. We had to know how she got her start, her strategy for success, and of course, the brand of stilettos she wears when it’s time to draw up the courage to win in poker and beyond. Read on as Shak opens up on how she plays her best hand at poker — and in life.

Cotton Candy:
So, who taught you how to play poker?
Beth Shak: I taught myself how to play poker. I grew up with a father and brother who played from the time I was little. They played stud. I learned how to play on with play money.

CC: Why poker?
BS: I love playing.

CC: What did your parents say when you said, “Mom. Dad. I want to play poker for a living.”
BS: My parents love me and would be supportive over anything I did. My dad thinks it’s cool.

CC: Are you naturally competitive?
BS:  Yes, I’m very competitive. I like winning. Who doesn’t?

CC: You’re a very attractive lady. Can pretty women be taken seriously in a professional poker game?
BS: A pretty woman can be taken seriously in any profession. I think you have to earn respect in anything.

CC: We hear you are a fashion designer too, you fashionista you. What do you have in the works?
BS: I’m working on a line of tees and hoodies for men and women. Just cute poker wear.

CC: Who’s your favorite designer?
BS: My favorite designer? Wow.  For handbags, Hermes, hands down.  For shoes, Louboutin.  Dresses, Michael Kors. And casual wear, Intermix in New York. I love that store.

CC: Do you wear a stilletto or power shoe during a poker match?
BS: Walter Steiger made me a one-of-a-kind, custom poker shoe. They are insane!

CC: What do poker and fashion have in common?
BS: There is a thrill from beautiful fashion and poker. They can both made you feel great or horrible, depending on the moment.

Beth Shak

CC: What have you experienced that you wouldn’t have if poker had not been a major part of your life?
BS: Red carpet movie premieres. They’re great. Being a part of a movie and the audience interacting with the cast — now that there is amazing.

CC: What has poker taught you that you never thought it would?
BS: To read men — finally.

CC: How can the readers and editors of Cotton Candy become great poker players?
BS:  with play money. I did it. So can you.

CC: What’s something intriguing that most people don’t know about you?
BS: I love being home and cooking dinner. My family is everything to me.

CC: What music do you listen to on your iPod before a poker match?
BS: Great question! An eclectic mix, and it depends how I’m [feeling]: soft rock, top 10, hip hop.

CC: Do you let your kids play poker?
BS: My older son is 22. He loves to play. My 15-year-old daughter can play but is totally disinterested. My 14-year-old son is awesome at it.

CC: Poker for a cause. We like the sound of that. What charity poker tournaments do you love to take part of?
BS: Any charity event I have time to attend. I go to [charity events] I believe in.

Written by: Nicole D. Smith

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