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The Fall 2016 Trend Report

Winter Cap Fall 2013 Trends

Fall fashion is here. And Cotton Candy's got the best looks and trends of the season.

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  • 11.15.10

    A Night of Insight with Tim Gunn

    Recently, Cotton Candy Magazine spent a night in bustling New York City where style expert Tim Gunn spoke at 92Y, a prominent cultural arts center on the Upper East Side. Most of Gunn’s fans know him from his flamboyant role on Bravo’s...

  • 10.30.10

    Inside the Mind of a Genius

    I always like to get close to people who have talents and abilities beyond my own. Profession doesn’t matter.  It’s fascinating watching others do what they do best, seemingly with such little effort.   I consider it a privilege to be able...

  • 09.28.10

    Welcome to Cotton Candy Magazine

    We love fashion. We love traveling. We love falling in love. And who doesn’t love celebrities? Dolls, welcome to Cotton Candy Magazine where we explore the sweet side of life.  Here, we make it our mission to share all the good things...

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