The Gilded Touch


The gleam of precious metal has adorned the bodies of women and men since the dawn of time. And this year gold is boldly titivating the eyes of some high-profile personalities, such as Emma Watson at the London Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere or models for the Fendi Spring RTW 2012. Of course, not every red carpet or runway look can be translated to real world beauty, but as Cotton Candy contributor Rachel Perrin points out, this gilded trend is spot on.

No. 1 The absolute easiest way to add gold to your beauty regimen is to paint your nails. If you’re experimenting with gold leaf, you can buff it onto the surface of bare or painted nails. It may take some practice, but carefully applied clear polish seals the deal. Simplify by purchasing a 24 karat gold leaf infused polish, or look for one with a glitter and shimmer combination.

No. 2 A mega-watt smile is another beauty do, not to mention a Cotton Candy fave. Let’s be honest. Saccharin-sweet glitter gloss belongs at a middle-school dance – and might cause little cuts on your lips for that matter – but a mix of gold flecks and juicy color is naturally sweet, no matter your age.

No. 3 Gold embellished lashes are like high beams for your eyes. Falsies with golden flecks are easy to find online, but a beauty don’t for the office. If you’re dying to dazzle your coworkers, wear black mascara infused with heavy gold shimmer. Some even come with a glistening gold topcoat.

Dolls, click the photos below.

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No.  4 Gold eyeliner can be used to create a multitude of flourishes and finishes, so why not experiment? A thin line of glitter liner along either the top or bottom lashes can look juvenile, but a small dot of multi-dimensional gold liner or shimmer can be lightly patted on the inner corner for an eye-popping blaze that’s appropriate for all ages. An edgier, yet simple, alternative is to apply a gilded glitter liner to the outer corners of the eyes to finish your makeup. The shape should be a small chevron to create a cat-eye worthy of Cleopatra.

No. 5 The closest way to transform a runway look into a real-way look is to use is 3-D eye makeup. After applying your eye makeup, add micro pieces of gold leaf or glitter to the very center of your upper eyelid for a molten highlight. Carefully dab a bit of glitter glue on top of shadow then tap your chosen adornment over it for the ultimate in 24 karat luxury.

Final Note: The shade of gold you choose for jewelry will likely be the best shade for your makeup. Glitter isn’t always cheap, but inexpensive glitter might irritate your skin and eyes; gold leaf shouldn’t be expensive and can easily be found at your local craft store; if shimmer powder doesn’t have enough pop, a liquid liner in the same shade might; and always make sure your glitz and glam is set in place so it won’t become displaced. Have fun, ladies.

Written by: Rachel Perrin

Perrin is a makeup artist and studio hair stylist with Artists by Timothy Priano and The Bridal Team Chicago.  An admitted product junkie, Perrin’s work has been recently published in Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Good Housekeeping and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and a number of European publications.

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