Sultry Hairstyles for Summer


Sundresses, swimsuits, and shorts are on the horizon.  What pairs better with those sultry pieces than simple, effortless hair?  The sizzling hairstyles of the upcoming warm season are soft, feminine and heat-and-humidity friendly.  We’re highlighting great styles – appropriate for nearly every occasion.  Cotton Candy teamed up with Atlanta-based makeup artist Claudia Mejerle to put together some of the best hairstyles for spring and summer.

No. 1: Urban Wave

Have wavy or curly hair?  No need to fight those locks with a flatiron.   Work in a curl crème, and let your hair air dry. If it’s really curly, dry with a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer.  The urban wave is meant to be imperfect, so don’t worry if the wave isn’t uniform all over.  For those of you who want the look but have straight hair, wrap your strands around a curling iron.

No. 2: Loose Chignon

A loose chignon is a great style for any hair texture that is at least shoulder length and works well with anything from a t-shirt to a cocktail dress.  Flip your head over and wiggle fingers through your hair to rough it up and create some volume at the crown.  Flip back upright and create a low, messy ponytail.  Separate the tail into two sections and twist each separately to form a bun, inserting a few hairpins to secure.  Keep it a bit messy and undone.  If pieces fall out of the bun, this hairstyle will only look better.

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No. 3: High, Braided Bun

If you’re trying to disguise second-day hair, shield it from humidity, or just want an elegant hairstyle, try a high, braided bun – a style that creates the elegance of a ballerina.  Create a high ponytail.  Keep the sides smooth and loosen up hair at the crown to give a little lift.  Then braid the tail, and secure the end with an elastic band.  Twist the braid into a bun and stick in some hairpins.  Voilà.

No. 4: Double Knot

The classic ponytail isn’t going anywhere, but if you want a fun twist – pun intended – on a timeless style, the double knot is a must try.  Collect the top section of the hair as though you are starting to put it half up.  Separate the section in half. Tie in a knot, and secure with hairpins.  Include the loose ends with the bottom section and separate in half. Tie in a knot again then finish with hairpins.

No. 5: Fishbone Braid

The fishbone braid style is ideal for longer hair so you can see the texture of the braid.  The style takes practice, but once mastered, it can be worn loose and messy, or neat and tight.  Whatever your preference, you have a style that looks complicated, but is easily created by braiding two sections of hair, alternating sides while exchanging a small section of hair.  Secure the end with an elastic band, and you have an eye-catching look that fits in at the pool or a party.

Written by: Claudia Mejerle

Mejerle is an Atlanta-based makeup artist with experience ranging from weddings to commercials, headshots, film, editorials and video shoots.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Patricia

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