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Our personal definition of beauty encompasses both the physical attributes and the aura of one’s soul. We believe everyone has their own natural beauty in which makeup only enhances what’s already beautiful about you. So, here are ways we suggest you augment the beauty you already have.

Beauty Secrets for Fall/Winter
To combat the drying affects of the fall/winter season, switch to a heavier moisturizing cream at night to add much-needed hydration to your face and a lighter moisturizer during the daytime. This will lock in much needed moisture and will allow your makeup to glide on much more smoothly. Use a light facial scrub to remove dead skin cells once a week to give your skin that natural glow. Don’t forget your lips. To remove any unwanted dry skin from your lips, you can exfoliate them with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth and then add a lip conditioner throughout the day and each night before you go to bed to keep your lips smooth and kissable.

Luscious Lips

Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick

With lipsticks, you should apply your lip liner after the lipstick application in order to get the “no-liner” effect. For glosses you should use a lighter lip gloss on the inside of your lips and blend a darker gloss around the outer edges to give yourself that luscious lip glow.

Gorgeous Eyes

Smokey eyes are our favorite and usually look great on every eye shape. A smokey eye does not always have to be deep in color. You can use lighter to darker shades of eye shadows to create the smokey eye look you’ve always wanted.  When using eyeliner, you should follow the shape of your eye and be sure to keep it on your lash line. This line will help create a fuller set of lashes. Last but not least, mascara is a must. Choose the type and color that best fits your brow and hair color, and this will no doubt complete your look.

Glowing Skin
Be careful about using too much blush or bronzer. Less is more! Choose the right bronzer for your skin type, and just use it on the highlighted areas of your face to give the appearance of a natural glow. Blush should look like it’s coming from within your skin and not just sitting on your cheeks. Foundations and concealers should be very close in color so that they blend in  flawlessly. Make sure to consult a professional to choose the right foundation and concealer formulation. Shade to fit your skin type.

Written by: Tymeka McNeal and Shayzon Prince, cofounders of Exquisite Hair and Makeup Artistry. They have 30 years of experience combined, including doing makeup for CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and top local news affiliates in the Atlanta area.

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