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04.11.12 Beach Beauty Cotton Candy Magazine

Most of us are already starting to prepare for swimsuit season.  And that means knowing how to take care of your body to achieve an effortless, beach-ready glow.  Cotton Candy Magazine® understands that feeling great on the sands means looking your best.

Makeup artist and Cotton Candy beauty contributor Rachel Perrin divulges some of her best beauty strategies that’ll have you beach-ready all season long.

No. 1 Faux your glow, in advance.

All smart bronze beauties know tanning booths are potentially unhealthy for your skin. Try a gradual self-tanner.  Choose the appropriate shade for your skin tone, exfoliate well and use a product that builds up over a few applications.

Quick Tip: Use a powder or foundation brush to apply self-tanner to the face, or try using a powder bronzer that contains DHA, to slowly build color.

No. 2 Protect your skin, no matter what.

Protect skin from head to toe. On the body, use tinted, water-proof sunscreen for the perfect model glow. Several drugstore brands have tinted formulas in a range from SPF 4 to SPF 30, but use a minimum of SPF 30.  On the face, use a color-correcting primer or a B.B. cream with SPF to even out skin tone. Dust powder with SPF lightly over entire face and add bronzer for warmth. To refresh and protect throughout the day, remove oil with blotting sheets prior to reapplying powder.

Quick Tip: Always check the expiration date on sunscreen; use lip gloss with SPF; choose a chemical-free sunblock that uses titanium dioxide and zinc for very sensitive skin; and carry an Aldavine™ spray to reduce redness in the area where skin has been exposed to UV damage and ageing.

No. 3 Keep makeup to a minimum.

The hottest makeup trend in Miami right now is a cat-eye with naturally bronzed skin, juicy pink lips and cheeks. It’s straight off the runways, yet tweaked with South Beach flair and simple to create with skin-tone cream shadow, black gel liner and mascara – all waterproof for eyes.  Simply dab hot pink crème blush or stain to the apples of the cheeks, over bronzer and powder and apply on a glossy pink lip with SPF to finish.

No. 4 Pedicures are not optional.

Whether you choose a shock of orange or an opaque nude, you can’t go wrong unless you skip a pedicure all together.

Quick Tip: Try a single coat of brightening pink gel for model-worthy toes.

No. 5 Fight the frizz.

Sunshine and ocean air sweetens the mood, but usually leaves hair a dry, fuzzy mess. Use straight-extending spray with a flat iron, or try beach wave spray which works with humidity to create major waves.

Quick Tip: Short on time? Wear a floppy hat with braids.

Written by: Rachel Perrin

Perrin is a makeup artist and studio hair stylist with Artists by Timothy Priano and The Bridal Team Chicago.  An admitted product junkie, Perrin’s work has been recently published in Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Good Housekeeping and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and a number of European publications.

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